Davis Gets Real with Advocate Magazine

Davis, form MTV's 'The Real World: Denver", gets intimate and personal with Advocate magazine.

The sexy gay frat boy from Marietta, Ga, who in my opinion is still only half way out the closet, tells the magazine, in a two page interview, about growing up in a conservative Christian family, his personal struggle with his sexuality, his feelings towards TV typecasting and what he is currently up to these days. If you are into social sexuality (and I am talking about the career field) the interview is worth reading.


chico said...

thanks fro sharing this i really feel for this guy !!! :( made me cry is so sad yet ahappy int he end :)

Anonymous said...

this guy still seems to be somewhat under the control of the Baptists...after living in the south for 10 years, I can honestly say the majority of the Southern Baptists are a scary bunch. True Christians they are NOT.

Alberty said...

I just believe that Davis is still working on accepting his homosexuality. As we all know, it takes some time, specially when your family is religious.

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