Desperate for Hot Men

Dougray Scott (right) and Mark Deklin, are the two new reasons, or only reasons for that matter, why to watch ABC's Desperate Housewives. Alleluja for the man candy!!! The new season is not all that bad, but it is a little too predictable, reason why these two actors can only spice things up.

Dougray Scott plays Ian Hainsworth, Susan's new lover and Mark Deklin plays Bill Pearce, Gabrielle's latest boy toy. Aren't they super sexy? Now we just need them both in a couple of nude scenes under the rain!!! Hot!!


WickedScorp said...

You're out of your damn mind. Not all that bad? Come on, give it some more credit. It has been remarkably engaging and very, very funny. The supermarket episode a couple weeks back; great television. Dixie Carter; delicious. Gabby facing off with that little girl; hysterical. And come on, did you really expect Alma to pull up in that car? DH deserves major props for making a killer comeback, especially after the abject misery that was last season. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised. This coming from a fan of Bores Anatomy. =p

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