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If drama and hot naked torsos turn you on, well, you shouldn't' t have missed the last episode of MTV's 'The Duel' . For reality TV lovers like me, the show is orgasmic. On the one hand, Beth, Brad and Svetlana get into a heated argument. On the other, Wes and CT show off their perfectly built bodies.

Beth, being the sneaky and self-centered biatch she is (reason why I love her), couldn't stop herself from confronting Brad and letting him know that Svetlana had informed her that he had been talking trash behind her back and planning against his own friends. Obviously Beth exaggerates a little, so much so, that Svetlana, after being brought into the middle of all of it, wishes to leave the house and of course, to kick Beth's behind.

After the day challenges, Svetlana is the first pick to go to the Duel and without thinking it twice, she picks Beth as her contender. Draaaama!!!! At the Duel, everyone knows that Svetlana has no chance of winning being that she is the size of Beth's pinkie. And they were right, Beth kicks her ass. However, at the end, Svetlana is named the winner since it is decided that Beth does not finish the challenge as specified by the rules. I personally think it was all a plot to get Beth kicked out of the house. MTV has some explaining to do!

Thank god for water challenges!!!! This week's competition, the "Rafty Race", requires the boys to wear minimum clothing and show off their strength and physical attributes while running, sweating, rafting and getting wet. Hot!!! Wes was the disappointment of the week, again, after being the first to be kicked out of the challenge. CT, on the other hand, was the winner of the day.

But what really matters here is that CT and Wes are the perfect eye candy. Aren't they hot?!

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Anonymous said...

i have been looking for a screen shot of CT running. wet. on a beach. for over an hour now. thank you thank you!

Alberty said...

Glad I'm able to help!!!! Isn't he the hottest!!!! Love him.

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