Responding to Some of Your Comments

In reference to my post on Mexican actors Gael Garcia and Diego Luna's support for gay rights in Mexico, 'Anonymous' said : "i was a little shocked to hear of thier support for gay marriage... i remember reading an interview when Y tu Mama released, that the boys would run off camera to vomit when they had to do their kissing scene... just like in the movie. Sounds like typical machismo crap, so maybe this is hopeful news that they're not as big of assholes as I thought."

Re: I was actually shocked myself. Even though Gael and Diego are among my favorite actors, I was always disappointed at them due to those comments you mentioned. Besides throwing up after the gay kissing scenes in 'Y Tu Mama Tambien', the actors admitted they stopped talking to each other for months as a result of the same kisses. Throughout the release of 'Y Tu Mama Tambien', both actors made numerous homophobic comments, which made no sense since most of the PR for the movie was clearly targeted to the gay community. But I am glad they have redeemed themselves by publicly voicing their support for gay civil unions in Mexico. I figure that at the time they made the comments, they were still young, immature, and insecure about their careers. I have forgiven them!

In reference to the same post on Diego and Gael, 'Carioca' said, "I think Catholicism is the very biggest problem. Because even Protestant churches (at least, some of them) except gay people better than the Catholic. Mexico is a very Catholic Country. Brazil was. Protestantism is very strong here nowadays. But I think we, Brazilians, have some difficulty to leave that kind of Catholic culture. And because of that gays are hard accept in some Brazilian families. In Mexico I believe the situation is even worse!"

Re: I don't think Catholicism is the problem, but I sure believe catholic leaders are. It is unfortunate that a religion that teaches good principles and provides the foundation for a healthy life, is lead by incompetents. It is all about interpretation and through out the years, these leaders have only known to outlined the 'sacred readings' however best they fit their personal interest and/or based on ignorance. I am not sure if changing religions is the solution, but for sure something has to be done about the leadership of the church. I think we all have had enough of all conflicts caused by the discrepancies and bullshit mysteries these people have created. It is time for change and I am glad that Mexican celebrities have come to realize that.


Anonymous said...

i think religion (no matter what denomination) is always a touchy subject when it come to homosexuality.. i just think it all comes down to the individual rather than the religion...

brenton said...

That surprises me as Gael has gone on to do a couple more movies with gay sex scenes or at least suggested.
Like Bad Education!

Anonymous said...

Their comments are innacurate and reflect some very uneducated viewpoints. Anybody can create a 'Protestant' denomination and incorporate any beliefs they wish. There are over 33,000 different protestant denom. in the US alone. Brazil is the largest Catholic country in the world....people need to educate themselves.

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