Djamel is SexyBack!!

Your end of the year fantasy magazine issue has arrived and all thanks to Baby Boy 29!!!! The magazine has finally listened to my prayers and brought back my number one wet/day-dream, supper hottie and Baby Boy's top model Djamel, who is this month's cover boy. To die for!!!

If you think the cover is hot, wait until you look inside and find Djamel's steaming photo spread in which he shows off every muscle of his body. It is better than sex!! Getting hot yet? Well, guess what, these images are just an exclusive preview to Baby Boy's new calendar. In it, Djamel's naked body is the super star.

In the magazine you will also find an interview with Noah's Arc's lead actors, Darryl Stephens and Jensen Atwood, and an article on the madness over gay blogs.


Anonymous said...

omg this guy is fit!!!!

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design by Dwayne Hunter