The Duel::Wrestle for Your Life

The last episode of 'The Duel' is for sure the most aggressive and testosterone filled combat in the history of MTV's competitions. I felt as if I was watching an episode of 'Ultimate Fighters'. It was sick, but hot!

Wes and Derrick 'Pole Wrestle' for twenty intense minutes. Since both are determined to kick ass, they end up beating each other up in the process. Just picture it and while at it, let your imagination run. In my head they go straight into sex, but that is just me. After all the kicking and pushing, Wes proves that he is unbeatable when it comes to these challenges!! Yay! I love me some Wes!!

Image Source: Guy TV Blog


Anonymous said...

wes is fucking hot! but so is brad and evan...and in last weeks competition, the one where they had to do rafts and climb the hill, ct was looking good too!

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