Les Kitchendales

There is no better way to learn how to cook, or anything for that matter, than with hot men teaching you. I bet you agree! That is why the French cooking series 'Les Kitchendales', is the perfect solution for kitchen illiterates like me (that even have a hard time boiling water). The reality show features three wacky cooking studs - Andrew, Enzo, and Wesley - that not only give us the break down on various dishes, but also show off their beautiful bodies while at it.

::Hot dancing session.

::A perfect massage and rear view of the guys

::Hot shower

Source: So Slowly


Anonymous said...

ok, i need to move to france and take some cooking lessons...

Anonymous said...

hey wait a minute! they're americans! lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

that was fun, the woman at the end of the dessert video is Chantal Lauby , she has a great idea doing those cooking lessons.
there's only one american Wesley.
i'm gonna buy this thing i want to watch it all eheh

Alberty said...

I'll either move to France for lessons or buy the cd, cause the guys are uberhot. I love me some Wesley!!!

Anonymous said...

damn damn damn.. what i would GIVE to get with any of those 3 or all three... :D

chico said...

this show is hilarious and sexy!!! wesley raocks now u;ve got me hooked on it :)

thanks for sharing


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