Mag Hopping

::The latest issue of the French magazine, 'Pref', digs deep into our inner most obscure objects of desire by exploring the practice of sadomasochism. Coverboy Philipp Tanzer, aka L'Oripeau du Guerrier, tells us all about his personal experience in SM. Hot!
::Besides the usual hotness British magazine 'Gay Times' brings to us in a monthly basis, in this last issue, GT also gets controversial with an investigation on the disappointments of World AIDS Day.

::'Advocate' magazine interviews 'soon to be a superstar' Jennifer Hudson on her roll in 'Dream Girls', a movie that might be her ticket to an Oscar. I am yet to watch the movie, but I hear it is the best there is in theaters right now!! A must see!!!
::The December issue of 'Genre' magazine is all about fashion and hot men. It also gives us a run down on the best gay moments of 2006. However, I believe they could have done much better with the coverboy!! Don't get me wrong, I love his body, but his face, well...

Here we have more images of Paul Single, featured in the latest issue of DNA magazine. See, this is the kind of man I want to see in my magazines!!! I'm drooling!!!


João Baptista said...

Hum if He´s single I can marry Him LOL

extralarge said...


Alberty said...

Feel the same way...if I could only marry him...grrrrr!

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