Sunderland Boys' Hot Sex Tape

(Ben Alnwick-above)
If like me, you love soccer porn, this post will taste like heaven to you. Early this month a sex tape featuring three English professional soccer players partaking in a steamy orgy with a female fan was posted in the web for the world to see. Believe me, it is hot!

(Liam Lawrence)
Goalkeeper Ben Alnwick, 19, forward Liam Lawrence, 24, and striker Chris Brown, 21, from the Sunderland Soccer Club, filmed each other sexing up a busty brunette by the name of 'Stevie'. The video is a buffet of intercourse, oral sex, and masturbation. As a matter of fact, there is even an audience watching the players get their freak on. A must see!

(Chris Brown)
You can watch the video HERE!
Note: this link will direct you to a porn site and the video contains hardcore sex acts.


Anonymous said...

That video made my rod rigid! Loved it! Thanks:-)

Anonymous said...

anyone else just get a blank white screen?!

Anonymous said...

LOL yeah just a blank screen- think its been deleted

Anonymous said...

its martin woods that has the big dick- hes wearin the blue jumper

Stephen said...

download it on rapidshare.com..there ya go..its yours for life :P


Anonymous said...

i wish it was on HQ!

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