Un Super Hombre

Brandon Routh muestra sus dotes de super héroe en el nuevo poster de Super Man y en la edición de Junio de la revista GQ Británica.
Checa Brandon Routh.

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El talentoso (capitán en el Air Force, modelo internacional, escritor, instructor de vuelo, y ganador del programa The Amazing Race) Reichen nos muestra mas que su talento en la película The Scorned. Mira el Video.
Checa The Scorned.

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El Futuro en Muebles.

Una colección de muebles creada por tres de los mejores diseñadores en el mundo: Richard Frinier, Frank Ligthart, Nicolas Thomkins.
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JJ Esta de Madre

Disfruta de este modelo, Jonathan P. Jesensky.
Checa Jesensky.

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Un Nuevo Modelo Remacho de Ropa Interior

Tyra Banks, conjunto a la linea de ropa interior 2xist ha estado en una búsqueda nacional por un nuevo modelo masculino de ropa interior.
Checa The Tyra Banks Show and 2xist.

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Steven Klein te Calienta

El fotógrafo Klein nuevamente nos sorprende con su sensual fotografía, esta vez para la nueva edición de L’Uomo Vogue. Sus últimos trabajos incluyen una sesión con Madona y un impresionante trabajo para Bebe.
Checa Towleroad.

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Another Apple Falls in the City

The Apple store on 5th Avenue has its grand opening today. It is expected to be a mega store, far cooler than the one in SOHO, exemplifying what Apple stands for: hip, young, practical, innovative, out there and just hot.
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Romulo, Our Brazilian Star

Romulo Pires, the latest Brazilian star in the modeling industry, is among the top 15 male models in the world.
Start trippin’ with Models.com.

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Cutie from Myspace

Came across this guy’s profile in Myspace.com and thought lots of you would enjoy taking a look at his site. Don’t you love his six pack and shaved head. I do!
Start Trippin' with Daniel.

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Unless noted, all images displayed on this site do not belong to American Urge. If you do not want your pictures displayed on this site please let us know.

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The New 007 Hunk

The new Bond car is of true Bond style: elegant, sexy, and adventurous.
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Can’t Believe it is Over

Will and Grace comes to and end. I just finished watching the final episode and I never felt so sad. This show has been a major part of our lives for so many years now, it will definitely be missed. Every character came to a perfect ending. Oh, did I say I cried...
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Matthew and His Baby

Matthew McConaughey taking his dog Foxy for a walk during the filming of his upcoming movie “We are…Marshall".
Start trippin’ with Hollywood Ville.

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Argentine Photography

The sensual work of Argentine photographers 'Machado Cicala' in their sense inducing site doesn’t stop to impress us.
Start trippin’ with Machado Cicala.

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Miami is Fashion

The 8th annual Miami Fashion Week was celebrated early this month bringing together the work of top designers from all over the Americas and the rest of the world. The semi naked models along with all of the Miami vibe of the show made of this fashion week a must see.
Start trippin’ with Miami Fashion Week.

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Hello Freddie!

Our sexiest soccer player (well, right after David Beckham), Fredrik Ljungberg, is our new face for the PUMA’s sport fashion collection 96 Hours. His involvement with puma could not have been any more fitting since the World Cup Soccer is here. The collection is very fresh and young, and Freddie has us wishing we knew how to quit him.
Start trippin’ with 96 Hours.

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Here is Your Eye Candy

A great excuse for a break. Surf over these pages and have fun. The men are exquisite.
Start trippin’ with The Boy.

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The Hairy Surfer of Made in Brazil

Just as we like them: hot and unclothed. A Brazilian Adonis. Brazil just keeps them coming.
Start trippin’ with Made in Brazil.

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Gabriel Soto: People en Espanol 50 Hottest

Gabriel Soto, the hottest Mexican actor today, is what we call a papi chulo. Got to love him. Among People en Espanol hottest, Gabriel is out peace of heaven. Only wish he had fewer clothes on.
Start trippin' with People en Espanol.

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