Colin Farrell::Ask the Dust

Where was I when this movie came out? I am a huge Hayek and Farrell fan, yet I had no idea this movie was ever made. I just randomly came across it today.
Two of the most talented actors in Hollywood. Two of the most beautiful people in the planet. In one movie. A must see.
In 'Ask the Dust', Colin Farrell plays a young writer living in LA that finds himself falling for a Mexican barmaid. Unfortunately, she rejects the idea of the two falling in love because she is looking for a wealthy suitor.
::Ask the Dust::
ps. Colin Farrell is the ideal man. Why? Cause I say so!

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Orlando Bloom

'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' is a gay feast!!!!

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Happy Bday Sebastian!!!

Sebastian Rulli, the Argentine actor and model, turned 31 years old today. Happy birth babe!!!

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Brian Moss::Photographer

Interesting photography, I'm sure you will enjoy it.
Visit Brian Moss.
Source: Gayya Kuyusu.

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James Marsden

James is the only reason why to go see Superman Returns. As I had previously said, the movie was disappointing due to the poor dialog and interpretations. The role of Lex Luthor was a bad imitation of Austin Powers' Dr. Evil, Brandon Routh might be hot, but is in much need of some acting lessons, and the storyline don't meet our expectations for director Bryan Singer. I still believe James should have played the man of steel. Isn't he gorgeous?

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D&G new Add Campaign

Dolce and Gabbana's adds don't cease to impress me. Somehow they always manage to find a much hotter idea to present to us and needless to say, I always fall for them: I am shopping as we speak.
Trip with D&G.

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Johnny Depp

I am delirious, obsessed, and crazy for my Johnny. Think about it, what isn't there to love about JD; he is beautiful, charismatic, talented and an amazing human being. For those of you that just like me can't have enough of him, well, just one more day for the opening of his latest movie, 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest'. From what I've read and seen, this is a must see.
Start trippin' with Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and People.

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Baby Boy::Just Beautiful

Talking about hot men, the new edition of the BabyBoy magazine brings you just that and much more. I mean, just look at the breathtaking cover boy Djamel, isn't he just perfect? By the way, you can get a free copy of the magazine at babyboy.fr. If you don't speak french, it's ok, you can always enjoy the pictures and trust me you will.
Start trippin' with BabyBoy.

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Gay Pride in Madrid and London

In Madrid
In London
Once again I missed all of the European Gay Pride weekends and it pisses me off. I promise to make it next year. I have to. After all, I am the biggest Euro fan ever.
Start trippin' with Karelpolt and Ohlala Paris: London and Madrid.

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Hottie Lleyton Hewitt is Out of the Game

Though I believe in a fair game, I do tend to make an exception when it comes to Lleyton Hewitt. That is, he should always win regardless of his performance because he is hot. But not everyone thinks like me, so Hewitt got his ass kicked today by Mr. Ugly himself Marcos Baghdatis. As a consequence now we don't have any more eye candy at Wimbledon, just great.
Check out Wimbledon.

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Nick Lachey::Gotta Love Him

Nick is not necessarily my cup of tea, but in these pictures he looks so intense that I suddenly love him. These pictures are from his appearance on the NBC morning show, The Today Show. If he could only stop crying about his ex!

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Now You Can Dress Him Up!!!!

Yes, this is Mr. Sexy himself Fredrik Ljungberg and he is giving you the chance to dress him up. For real!! This might be the gayest thing you do all year long, but it could be quiet entertaining. And by the way, he is not the only one needing assistance.
Start Trippin': Stardoll.

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Brad Pitt

No hay duda, este hombre es perfecto. Se que a ustedes les gustara esta foto. Ummmm, rico!

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David's 'Instinct'

Apasionante, masculina y llena de vida, 'Instinct', es una fragancia para el hombre seguro de si mismo. Además es mi David quien la promociona, que mas quieres que diga. ;)

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The Devil Wears Prada

Daniel Sunjata

Simon Baker

Adrian Grenier
The Devil Wears Prada es una película super divertida que te hará ir de compras tan pronto salgas del cine. Meryl Streep, como siempre es genial y el resto del elenco mas que delicioso. La recomiendo.
Checa The Devil Wears Prada.

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Me fascina. Que ojos! Que perfil! Que mirada! Que intensidad! Me he enamorado nuevamente.

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Brasil llega a su final

Mi equipo del alma, Brasil, fue derrotado el día de ayer por Francia 1 a 0. Fue total decepción. Derrame lágrimas como si fuera bebe. Y para mis amigos franceses, no me hablen de fútbol, si quieren seguir siendo mis amigos.
Checa Made in Brazil para mas.

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Mi David Beckham

Recuerdan esta portada de Vanity Fair en la que mi querido David Beckham hizo su cross over publicitario para la audiencia estadounidense? Que guapo, no!!!!

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Jeremy Ryan

Aquí tenemos al jugador profesional de fútbol americano, modelo, y ex esquiador estadounidense en las olimpiadas, Jeremy Ryan Bloom. No se ustedes, pero esos moretones lo hacen todavía mas deseable.

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Momentos Ronaldo::1 de Julio

Mi razón para continuar viendo el mundial: Cristiano Ronaldo.

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