Good Day

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Miami Vice

Start trippin' with Miami Vice

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Matt Leinart

Matt Leinart, the American football quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League, is the only reason why I would take my time to watch American Football. I mean, who plays football with their hands?? Matt is not only one of the top players, but is also one of the hottest. Gotta love him.
Bio:: Matt Leinart

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So That You Start Your Night Happy

I'll be back tomorrow with news and more. Now I'm heading out; I got a date.

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Alfonso Herrera

Latino Youth in the Americas have spoken: Alfonso Herrera, from the teen band RBD, is the sexiest Latin artist of the moment. By a popular vote, Herrera was chosen today at the Premios Juventud, televised on Univision, as el papasito de papasitos. I totally agree.
Check out Univision for more on Alfonso and RBD.

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PSP Ad Controversy

Some of their ads are pretty hot, but some of them are just plain wrong. PSP is launching a white version of their Playstation Portable and as part of their campaign surfaced an add in which a very fashionable white woman is aggressively graving an inoffensive looking black woman by the neck. Is it a racist ad?! Maybe not. But is it reminiscent of racism, hell yeah!!!! No doubt about it. It pisses me off.
Check Playstation main page.
ps. I still love PSP though!

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Hotties of the Day

Till tomorrow y'all. The New York City nightlife awaits for me. Good night.

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Ricardo Almeida - Summer Collection 2007

The latest collection of Brazilian designer Ricardo Almeida is meant for a more hippie and thin male clientele. In his summer line, the designer honors a look that has come to predominate in the Brazilian fashion world this year, the 'skinny' look.
Source: Chic Magazine.

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Jose::Real World Key West

I'm going to ask this again: does anyone know Jose? I know that I'm the only one that can turn him gay, so please help me find him. Isn't he hot! I only wish he was a little more visible in the Real World. He is probably a little too normal compared to the rest of the Key West cast.
Check out Real World Key West.

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Lindsay Lohan Knows How to Pick Them...

...and sure knows what to do to them. She has probably seen Paris' video.

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Best Celeb Portraits

Check out EW.COM for more celebrities portraits.

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Janice Dickinson's Models are so Hot.

Check out her Myspace site and Oxygen site for more hotties. Thank god for JD.

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Spiderman III::May 2007

For those of you that were disappointed with the return of Superman to the big screen, no worries, Spider-Man 3 is on its way. From the teaser trailer, this movie is going to kick ass big time.
Start trippin' with Spider-Man Teaser Trailer.

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A Gay Moment

“Is not that I can't stop thinking about you, is that I don't want to stop thinking about you baby. What happened last night was not just physical, it was not just a one night thing, and it was not the result of the full moon. It is for real. I want to see you again." This is just part of what my friend's new boy told her today over the phone. I don't even know him but he already got me and lets not talk about my friend. ;)

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HOT::Bernardo Melo Barreto

Bernardo, a super sexy Brazilian model and actor. I think I am hanging out in the wrong places. Where would I find men that look like this here in NYC? Would I have to move back to Brazil to find them?
Source: Made in Brazil.

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JT is Back

I was however hoping for a change of style, maybe more color. More JT here.

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Mana is Back

After four year of absence, my favorite Spanish rock band of all times, Mana, is back in business. Their new production, "Amar es combatir", is due in stores in a couple of months while their new single, 'Labios Compartidos" will be playing nation wide on 7/10/06.
Check out their highly artistic Video Here.
Take a look at their really hot website.

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Eye Candy for 2Nite

Good night friends. Thanks for the pictures J.

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Transformers::The Movie

If you loved the cartoons, this movie is a must see.
Plot: Dueling alien races, the Autobots and the Decepticons, bring their battle to Earth, leaving the future of humankind hanging in the balance.
And Guess who is in this film, no other than hunk Josh Duhamel, from TV series, "Las Vegas".
Check out Transformers Movie.

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LL Cool J

LL Cool J appearance in the Tyra Banks show this afternoon made us all fantasize of his hot lips. I actually dozed off into a pretty hot wet/daydream while watching the show. So Hot.
Check out The Tyra Banks Show.
Start trippin' with LL Cool J.

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