Will Chalker::Model Pick of the Week

Will Chalker is in demand because he seems to tie in with the current mood in menswear: handsome but gentlemanly, well built and healthy, he marks a move away from fashion's drawn-out obsession with boyish, sallow androgyny.

His success is more than just a number of appearances in major designers' campaigns, which includes YSL, Paul Smith and Perry Ellis, but the catwalk tasks that Will Chalker was given - opening and closing for Gucci, John Galliano's finishing tableau, Athena-poster look for D&G, and walking along Sonia Rykiel during her show.

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Impact Photography::Part II

I just love the Hunks in this site, reason for part two. Hope you guys are enjoying the Impact guys as much as I am.
::Impact Photography::

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Have a Great Gay Night Tonight

Boys, here I come!! Unstoppable and urging for love.

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Interior Design::Antonio Lupi

A collection rich and exclusive, for those whom love to blend esthetics and funcionality in a unique product capable of interpreting the needs of a clientele whom no longer accept to be content.

Design,product quality and care in details are the characteristics which Antonio Lupi continues to succeed in bringing out of their production.

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Impact Photography

Impact makes their athletes look their picture best! This collection will rock your world and a little more.
Start tripping with Impact Photography.

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Peugeot Design Contest::Cars of the Future

Winner of the 2004-2005 contest ::Moovie::

The main idea behind this project was to create a small 2 seated city car powered by electric power. What shaped the visual look on the vehicle was the two big electric wheels with hollow rim, these wheels are hollow in the middle, this is where the doors of the car are located, the vehicle has like this big doors allowing the users to have enough space to enter and exit the vehicle. The big wheels have a reason behind it, the bigger the wheel less turns it has to make to travel, less turns less energy expended.

The front of the vehicle is supported by two spheres, these are purely for support, the car turns by a system that makes one electric wheel go faster then the other, this system allows the vehicle in some cases to make 360º turns which is great for parking and moving in small city streets. Also and to enhance the stability of the vehicle, the wheels make a angle of about 10º closing on the top. The two big round doors slide along the side-front of the car to waste less space in small parking spaces, allowing a better exit at all times. The review mirrors fold up to avoid touching the doors during the side slide.

Dimensions: about 2.300 mm in length, 1.500 mm in width and 1.500 in height.

Peugeot Contest Page

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Though I am a Calvin Klein man, these Ginch Gonch undies do seem attractive, sexy, ready for me to wear them, just grrr!

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Sexy on a wheel

Tyson and Naomi for Pirelli: Steaming hot!

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Genetic Freaks::I love Skin

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I Heart Tech::2006 Fisker Tramonto

The Fisker coachbuild 2006 Tramonto is a sculpted statement of exotic open-air motoring. ::Tramonto::

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Doggy Talk

If you love pampering your dog as much as you pamper yourself, Dogsofa is a place you should visit. I just thought it was cute, though I don't really like dogs.

ps. In my defense, dogs tend to attack me for no reason and therefor they are in my black list.

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The sexy boys of Vilain Garcon.

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Ron Mueck::Sculptor

Ron Mueck is the creator of these disturbingly hyper-real sculptures made out of plastic. His work is amazing and the pieces sure appear to have the breath of life.
For more images: Ron Mueck

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A sexy/handyman/badass/soulful Joaquin Phoenix is a heart breaker in these black and whites by Craig McDean. Good times!

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Jean-Paul Gaultier::Spring 2007 Collection

I am determined to own every piece in Jean-Paul Gaultier Spring collection.

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Just a fashion ad.

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D&G Gay Pride

D&G does it gay and we love it. As part of one of their ad campaigns for Time, their watch collection, D&G surprises us with more than just a gay kiss. If you have not seen these videos, you have been missing out. It sucks that we don't get these ads here in the US.

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Structure::Cheng Design

Cheng Design is internationally known for its understated design and innovative use of concrete in the home. It embraces the intimacy and challenge that bring new life to architecture and interior design.
::Cheng Design::

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I Heart Tech::Pontiac G6 Convertible

The new Pontiac Convertible is 'tres sexy'! I love it.
::Pontiac G6 Convertible 2007::

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