Genetic Freaks...Happy Saturday

Answers to some of your questions:
I am gay not bisexual (nor confused)...I'm single...when it comes to partners race is not an issue...I like pets as long as I don't have to take care of them...Babies: Big no. I am only 24. Maybe in a far future...I am not sexually into overweight men...clean cut preferred, but it all depends on how you carry yourself...Yes, I mean it when I say that some day I'll take over the world...Rather go clubbing than bar hopping...yes, I am ready to be committed to one person...I do have a myspace account, which I have kept private for just my close friends. But working on making it more public. I'll let you know...Orange: favorite color...Apple over PC and Google over anything else...Blogging for fun. When it stops being fun, I'll stop writing...I am masculine or so I think. -More to come.

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In the Kitchen::Potatoes

I haven't yet tried this recipe, but my good friend says it is delicioso!!! Red Pesto Potatoes, yummmmmmmmmmmmy! Go ahead, Press Play:

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DNA Magazine

Super sexy magazine DNA now has its September issue in stores. Go get it.
Preview the latest issue: DNA

Want more::Details Magazine.

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DS Lite Colors!

Nintendo has just announced that U.S. gamers will finally see some color in their portable gaming. On September 13, two new DS Lite colors – Onyx and Coral Pink – will finally come to North America. Yeeeeah! Start trippin' with Nintendo.

More tech::HERE

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David Bisbal is Back

Spanish heartthrob, David Bisbal, is finally back with a new album, 'Premonici├│n', which will hit stores on October 3rd. David, who became a super star after landing a second place in the first season of Operacion Triumfo in Spain, has opted for a more popish/Justin/Jackson look as part of his new image, as can be seen in his new video, 'Quien me iba a Decir'. I totally dig all of him!

Watch and/or Listen to 'Quien Me Iva A Decir'
Visit David Bisbal's Official Site.

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Hot Shower!

I definitely love them hot and wet.

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Till Tomorrow Y'all

Be sexy!

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Fashion Call::Sunglasses

By Ferragamo

By Chanel

By Chanel

By Chanel

A classic Ray Ban

By Bvlgari

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The iBar

The modern bar just got all high tech on us thanks to "iBar," a clever new technology which illuminates a bar's surface to project effects such as animations and real video. The intelligent tracking system detects all objects placed on the bar and responds to them so next time you order your third lycee martini you can trust that the glow you are seeing is indeed real and not a product of your gin fuelled imagination.
Start trippin' with iBar.

More Interior Design::Zaha Hadid

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Art::Manolo Yanes

Amazing drawings!
::Manolo Yanes

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It's Running Men, Alleluia!

Best buds Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong forgo their two-wheelers for an old fashion foot race Tuesday in Miami Beach, where the actor and cyclist have been vacationing. These two love each other, don't they? I wonder who would play bottom...

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JLO Live Luxe

Start trippin' with JLo and Live Luxe.

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Genetic Freaks of Nature::A lovely Wednesday

So I am back to being straight again but just for the night. It is not as fun, but the pressure is definitely off. I am hoping that as my friend says, 'If I stop looking, what I am looking for would come to me naturally.' It better work, because this is a huge sacrifice. Lol!

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Etro::Spring 2007

Though it is apparent that Etro had an imaginary journey to some island in the Caribbean when projecting their runway, I kind of like it. It is fun! Besides, if Johnny Depp would wear it, I would too!
Start trippin' with Etro.

Want more:
::Gucci Spring 2007
::Versace Spring 2007

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Dianora Niccolini::Photographer

Niccolini's photography speaks for itself.
::Dianora Niccolini

Want more:
::Pedro Virgil
::Robert Laliberte
::Impact Photography

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Details::Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher tells it all in the September issue of Details Magazine. Find out why he would rather watch Demi get dressed than club-hop with Diddy and much more.
Start trippin' with Details.

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I Heart Tech

SanDisk Corporation has unveiled the world's largest capacity flash-based MP3 player, the 8GB Sansa e280, with audio, photo viewing and video clip playback capabilities. Priced at US$249.99 the e280 is the latest evolution of SanDisk's flagship e200 series. So cheap, I love it!

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that starting November 8th, a new and limited edition of the PlayStation 2 will be available in Pink in the European market. The new Pink PS2 will also come along with pink controllers and memory card. See, Sony is already helping me turn the world pink.

Want more tech::2006 Lamborghini Murcielago.

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Genetic Freak

Either I am too picky or I am just afraid to be loved. What's wrong with me? I ignore or reject every guy that shows interest in me. And it is not like I am not interested in them, is just a natural reaction that I can't control. I'm pissing myself off!

In a different note, someday I'll take over the world and paint it pink like Brazil. I miss you Brazil! See you in January.

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Crank With Jason Statham

Hotter than ever, action hunk Jason Statham is back in theaters this September 1st in 'Crank', a movie that promises to raise your adrenaline in a thousand ways.

The breakdown:
A hit man (Statham) learns that a poison injected into his body will kill him if his heart rate drops slows a certain point. Now he must exact his revenge on the people who injected him before he takes his last breath.

Super HOT::Official Site
All the action you want::Trailer

Interested in more:: Movie Previews

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Prison Break Season II Promo

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I Got A Cyber Life

Though I love my sidekick, I have lived in the Matrix ever since I got it. I am now spending 100 percent of my time online, which has been awesome, but after reading Pearls Before Swine it is kind of scary.
::Click on image to enlarge.

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GQ Magazine::Clive Owen

British actor Clive Owen rocks the cover of the latest issue of GQ Magazine. Don't you love his vintage maleness? The kind of man I need by my side!
Start trippin' with GQ Magazine.

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In the Kitchen::Because Cooking is an Art!

Like always, I have learned the hard way. Now that I live on my own I have come to realize the importance of knowing how to cook. After months of living on boiled food (mainly spaghetti and you know how that is), I have finally started picking up some recipes that have saved my life, literally. Take a look at the video, the recipe is straight forward and simple, and the result is delicious. Press PLAY.

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Prison Break::Season Premier

I already have the Coronas and M&Ms (don't like popcorn) ready for tomorrow's season premier of Prison Break on Fox at 8pm. I am expecting a great new season now that the prisoners have escaped, but more so, a whole show full of Wentworth Miller. So hot.

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"You could be moving so fast that you cannot find time to smell the roses. But even you Archers, on occasion, need to take it easy so you can get back in touch with your own heart. You might be uncomfortable with the emotional memories now stimulated by your senses, but it is important to take time out and see what these feelings have to offer. "

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David and Victoria Beckham in an ad for their new fragrance, Intimate.

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