For A Lovely Saturday!

"For a super sassy fabulous Saturday"! (Jay)

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Desperate Housewives Season 3 Promo

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Bruno Santos

Brazilian model Bruno Santos is bootylicious. Born in paradise, Belo Horizonte, Bruno is a genetic freak of nature. Visit blog pal, Les Ombres, for more.

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Justin Timberlake::VMA 2006

Justin's performance at this year' Video Music Awards blew my mind. It was WoW!!! If you had complained about his lack of dancing in his 'Sexy Back' video, he sure made up for it with this performance. JT is back to being my number one god: so much confidence, so much talent, so much sexiness! I hate Cameron Diaz for being the girlfriend. Go ahead, press play:

ps. Jack Black as a host couldn't suck any worst. It was painful to see him make an ass of himself. Never again should he be allowed near a mic. And what about Little Kim... She should be sent back to jail for being so Corny. And Britney should just be forbidden from tv.

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Beckham with Motorola

David Beckham is the new global brand ambassador for Motorola. Smart move by the cellphone company! Beckham's marketing power is so effective that I can already hear Motorola phones in every store calling my name. Again, I do as David says.

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I Heart Tech::Sansa c200

SanDisk Introduces Sansa c200 MP3 Player With Color Screen, Card Slot And 2-Gigabyte Capacity For Under $100. Super Sassy!

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Alex Rodriguez sure knows how to grab on to his bat! Alex, the starting third baseman for the New York Yankees, is the new addition to the 'Body by Milk' campaign that promotes the consumption of milk.

Below, Alex adjust his package! Grrrr.

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Ovlas::Que Guai!!!

Ovlas, the Spanish underwear brand based in Barcelona, should, without a doubt, be part of your next shopping spree. As everything coming from this gay fabulous city (I love you Barcelona), Ovlas is sexy and fun, and the models even more so.
Source: A Cause des Garcons.

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I bet women' self-esteem all around the world just went nonexistent. Isn't Angelina the hottest momma out there. Love her.

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One more reason why Pharrell is the one and only thing in my radar at this moment: Talent.

Note: Only problem, his computer choice. Ew HP!

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Ludacris and Pharrell::Money Maker

Both the video and the song are trippin'!

Needless to say, Pharrell is gorgeous. He is hands down my crush of the month. Still working on the magic potion that will make him fall in love with me.

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Pref Mag

Really love the cool, laidback, sexy, and almost high on weed feeling of the latest issue of Pref Magazine. And the models, plain beautiful.
Start trippin' with Pref Magazine.

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DNA Magazine::Cover Boy

It's ok to drewl!
Don't get me wrong, the guy is a god, but his ass is kind of floppy and therefore not of my taste. But besides that, would it be weird to wish being the underwear he wears? Love those abs and the package below.

Want more: DNA

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Markus Schenkenberg

Wow! And then they ask me why I'm gay. Those shorts could have been much shorter though. I know what you are thinking: it is time for a quickie!

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Just pulled an all nighter. About to drop unconscious any second.

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Supersonic Jet

Not that I can afford a ticket on one of these new Jets, but it is always good to be informed.

A new generation of private jets could trigger a boom in luxury supersonic flight -- without the sonic boom. Flying at up to Mach 1.8, these luxurious private jets would cut the travel time between Seattle and Tokyo to about 5 hours, instead of 9.5 hours.

Supersonic Aerospace International claims its planned Quiet Supersonic Transport jet will fly at Mach 1.8 -- New York to Los Angeles in just over two hours. The company claims that unlike older high-speed planes, the jet will be no louder than the inside of a car travelling at 70mph.

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Gay Mario

Yeap, Mario Lopez is playing gay again. Remember his very convincing roles as a gay character in 'Mind of Mencia' and 'Dancing with the Stars' that left us wondering if it was just good acting or if it came naturally? Well, that was nothing compared to his new role as a homosexual in the new season of 'Nip/Tuck', which premiers September 5th. In his participation, Mario is baring it all in what seems to be a scene from 'Locker Room Hunks II'. Hot!

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Manner Aktuel Magazine

Who needs to speak German when the Adonis cover boy says it all. Hot and sweaty, just as my wet-dreams recommend them. Start trippin' with Manner Aktuel.

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For Them Big Boys

Can you fill them up?

I want to be part of the fun. Wesc is totally cool and the owners even more so. Check them out: Wesc.

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Score Jeans Collection

Score Jeans' F/W '06/'07 Collection.

Visit Score Jeans.
More runway: D&G

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DNA Feast

I can't say it enough: I Love DNA!! They just know how to pick their men. I truly envy the job of whoever picks the models for the magazine. DNA's Latest Issue.

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Got Milk? David Sure Does.

David Beckham is the new face of 'Got Milk?', the advertising campaign encouraging the purchase of cow's milk.

How does he do it? He somehow manages to also look 'tres sexy' with a white mustache. I only wish I was the one to lick the milk off his lips. Grrrrrr.

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