I have been a couch potato all day long. Trying to recuperate from all the drinking last night. This is the time when I wish I had a boyfriend: I need pampering! :(

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Marc Savoia::Photographer

Start trippin' with Marc Savoia!

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Hot Jam

Nelly Furtado's new single, 'No Hay Igual', is of an acquired taste. At first, you either hate it or hate it a little more. However, the new version of this single, which features reggeaton geniuses Calle 13, is dope or at least the reggaeton parts. Calle 13 infuses 'No Hay Igual' with their insane and not so subtle sexual lyrics that will surely place Nelly back on the top.

Go ahead, press play:

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Diesel Ads

Diesel Fall 2006 Ads:

Diesel Spring 2006 Ads:

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G Magazine

Semi sexy ex-Big Brother Brazil contestant Daniel Costa is the new face G. Magazine. At least from my part, this is no reason for celebration. I wonder how he ended up as cover boy of such a hot magazine when he is not really packing. Have to admit that he looks good in underwear but not so much without it.
For much more images visit Made in Brazil.

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Christian Daniel

Watch out Ricky and Enrique, there is a new Latin kid in town. “Music has always been in my soul,” says Daniel, now 22, on the verge of releasing his first CD, Christian Daniel, under the new label, Bad Boy Latino. “For as long as I remember I was always singing.”

Ever since he was a boy growing up in Puerto Rico, Christian Daniel knew that he was a singer. Raised in a house where music played day and night, the youngster trained his ear to the sounds of the great Latin balladeers. Music not only surrounded him, but it poured from him uncontrollably. He recalls singing to the radio non-stop as a four-year old, and holding impromptu performances with his sister and brother to the songs of Sting and Eric Clapton when he was just six.

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I'm ready to hit the clubs...so see y'all tomorrow. Much love.
Tonight I am determined to be free and just let things happen. I'll let you know how things go.

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The Advocate

Wet seems to be the theme running in all magazine covers and we love it. In The Advocate, Julian McMahon shows us his queerest side yet.

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A Hottie at a Time

Yay for Roddick!!! A.Rod has moved on to the semi-finals of the U.S. Open after an easy encounter against Lleyton Hewitt. Roddick seems promising and being the last hottie left in the court, I have all my hopes on him.

Australian Lleyton Hewitt got his ass kicked by Roddick in a quarter final game that brought a lot of mix feelings. It was a war of the hotties. At the end, being American and all, I was happy Roddick won.

Spanish hottie Rafael Nadal lost to Russian player Mikhail Youzhny in a game in which the outcome was clear from the beginning. Though I didn't want to see Nadal leave, he didn't show any desire of winning that game. I was highly disappointed at his performance.
And another hottie was out of the game.

My world almost ended when Russian tennis super star, Marat Safin, lost to German player Tommy Haas in the fourth round of the Open in a game that almost caused me hair lost. It was five turns of complete suspense, with the scores being 6-4, 3-6, 6-2, 2-6, and 6-7. It was heart breaking to see him lose, not only because he is a great player, but also because he is my number one crush. The man is beautiful.

More coverage of the US Open:
::Kenneth in the 212::
::A Cause des Garcons::

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JT Wet Dream

Justin Timberlake does RollingStone Magazine in his own sexyback/wetdream kind of way. I am getting hot!

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Robbie Williams::Rudebox

Robbie Williams will release his highly anticipated and much talked about new album ‘Rudebox’ on October 23rd on EMI Records. RW is finally back!! The first single, 'Rudebox', a nasty, dirty, bass infused electro-funk-pop-rap monster, twists around Robbie's own unique visceral lyrical styling, to give us a feeling of a Robbie jamming the electro-boogaloo on a bustling New York street corner in 1983.

In ‘Rudebox’, which was recorded during the early months of 2006, Robbie collaborates with an array of musical mavericks including his heroes The Pet Shop Boys, King of ambient William Orbit, fellow Stoke natives Danny Spencer & Kelvin Andrews AKA Soul Mekanik, disco-house icon Joey Negro and NYC-based DJ cum-Über, and producer Mark Ronson.

These collaborations have resulted in the reinvention of Robbie Williams' music, including dope new beats and some crazy sounds.

The video for 'Rudebox', though pretty cool, will remind you of an iPod or Adicolor add. Go ahead, press play:

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She's for Real!!!

After months of media speculation in regards to Suri's existence, Tom and Kate Cruise come forward in the cover of Vanity Fair and prove everyone wrong. Baby Suri is beautiful and the family looks so perfect together. Way to go TomKat!!!

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Adidas is adding color to the world with Adicolor, their new product line. In this new project a rainbow or crayon box seems to have peed on the whole line of products. Pretty cool!!!

Start trippin' with the videos below, part of the Adicolor campaign. Want more::Adicolor videos whole collection.

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Babyboy #26

Babyboy's September issue is finally here and it is HOT. As you can tell from the steamy cover boy, what awaits inside is lickalicious. This issue is full of interviews, including one with Justin Timberlake and Fernando Vallejo, cool articles such as the one exploring the successful return of the TV series to our living rooms, and sexy photography by Nico & Adrian. What is even more cool about this French magazine is that you can download it at no cost. Again, it is in french. But even if you don't speak the language it is worth downloading just for the hot pictures, which are a lot.
Start trippin' with :::: Babyboy ::::

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BeBe::Siempre Me Quedara

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Candy Store

Whether you are on a shopping mode or just looking for some eye candy, the 'NuWear Store' is the place for you. If you are an underwear lover like me, this site will sure serve as your daily dose of hot bodies in hot undies.

In NuWear you will find a large variety of our favorite underwear brands, including N2N Bodywear, Ginch Gonch, and Punto Blanco.
Start trippin' with ::NuWear::

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Fredrik Ljungberg::So Hot

I was hanging out with my friend Julia last nigh when I saw the above ad as a huge billboard in the heart of SoHo. I was stunned. Though I had already seen this ad before, having it as a super sized version and therefore having a super sized naked Fredrik Ljungberg in front of me, was orgasmic. I could not wait to go home and see more pictures of him. Here are some of the ones I liked the most.

A Swedish soccer player who currently plays for Arsenal in the English Premiership, Karl Fredrik Ljungberg is the sexiest player in the world. His 'jogo bonito' (beautiful game) along with his very macho-hunk looks, is what keeps us glued in front of a TV every time his team is playing. A true manly man!!!!

Fredrik is currently the hottest face of Calvin Klein and as these pictures prove it, he's got the package for it.

More Freddie HERE!

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