Topless Tom in an old issue of Details Magazine. Not bad, huh! You know, regardless of everything they say about my Tommy, I still love him both as an actor and a celebrity. He rocks!

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Rafael Verga

I have been planning on getting a tattoo for a while now, but I am yet to find a design that screams WOW. I have browsed the web endlessly looking for the 'it' one, you know how it is, I wouldn't want just anything permanently stamped on my skin. So, while in my search, I came across these pictures of Brazilian model Rafael Verga that have semi convinced me that I need either his tattoo or himself imprinted on my body. What do you think? Isn't he Fine?!!!

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Haven::Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is back in theater in Haven, a crime drama with a brilliant cultural view, in which Orlando is said to play his best performance yet.

Written and directed by native Caymanian Frank E. Flowers, and filmed entirely in the 100-square mile West Indies paradise, Haven is an edgy, suspenseful, viscerally gripping ensemble film in which unconnected lives intersect and ignite a violent chain of events that turns tranquility into chaos.

In an instant, greed collides with innocence and passion goes up against those who forbid it, and all at once an idyllic tropical refuge becomes anything but safe.

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Face of the Day

Matt Dallas, known for his role as Kyle XY on ABC, has the most enchanting eyes I've seen. Also so huggable!

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The Advocate

Nip/Tuck's heartthrob Julian McMahon is my new McSteamy!!! Simply delicious.

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Louis Vuitton Paris Men 06/07

Press Play!

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Genetic Freaks

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A Short Film

If you love cinematography, you will sure appreciate the great ideas behind this film.

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Face of the Day

Once dubbed "the Jay-Z of the South" by Pharrell Williams, T.I., born Clifford Harris in Atlanta, GA, is currently one of the most successful rappers in the United States. Not only is he talented, but stunningly beautiful. T.I. manages to carry himself with an incredible balance of smoothness and toughness. Love him!

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Simon Pais::Photographer

Chilean photographer Simon Pais is amazing. I feel just as one of his critics: "An inspiration to us all. I've never felt such a mixture of envy and love for one person and his work." (Masha P.)

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Press Play

This video, part of a reality series soon to be launched by one of our favorite underwear brands, 'AussieBum', is hot. In the video the model is working it: adjusting, grabbing, pulling, taking it off, putting it on, and much more. You'll love it!!!

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Nick Lachey

Still crying like a baby, but he's hot, so it is ok.

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You have probably seen these ads by Dolce and Gabbana already, but it does not hurt to see them again. Love the modle in glasses!

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I am not the one to use this word too much, but Dolce and Gabbana is Fabulous. I am in love with their whole collection, but this one coat and white sweater are calling my name.

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Sexy Back?

Do you actually think Justin is bringing sexy back? I don't know, but I am not a big fan of his new look. And his makeup is definitely not working for him. On the other hand, loving his songs and still addicted to his MTV performance. I guess music is what really matters.

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Anthony Gayton::Photographer

English photographer Anthony Gayton works with a world of emotions in each and everyone of his pictures. It is inevitable to fall in love with his work.

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I Heart Tech::I Love Apple

At its Showtime this week, Apple announced amazing updates to most of its products. Totally cool.

The iPod now supports movies, including files with a resolution of up to 640x480, although the actual screen resolution of the new model is unclear. The new iPod also adds enhancements to the click-wheel based navigation system and even supports more games than ever before. It is available in a 30 GB model for $249 and an 80 GB model for $349.

The iPod nano is now available in five colors, each using a metallic case similar to the one that had been used on the iPod mini. The new models are available in 2GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB versions, with list prices of $149, $199, and $249, respectively. Apple says the new models also have brighter screens and are even smaller in size than the original iPod nano, as well as an even longer battery life.

Apple's revamped iPod shuffle is smaller than ever, at a mere 1.62 inches long. The new shuffle is designed as a convenient clip-on for just about anywhere you may go. It features 1 GB of storage and has a list price of $79.

iTunes 7 now includes the ability to purchase movies from the iTunes store. Movies are expected to be released on iTunes simultaneously with the DVD release, with new releases costing $14.99 and library titles at $9.99.

Apple also announced a forthcoming product tentatively called the iTV, which will enable you to take video from your iPod and easily display it on HDTV screens as well as older televisions.

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The grad school application process is kicking my ass. I want my mommy!!!!!

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Abercrombie and Fitch New Face: Jeff Tomsik.
The 20 years old model from Wadsworth, Oh, is single and looking, can't live without junk food, considers himself a Siberian tiger, and can do hand stand push-ups. Couldn't ask for more!

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Brodie Holland

Australian rules footballer, Brodie Holland, is the ultimate eye candy. Not only has he captivated us with his spectacular performance as a midfielder but also with his dance moves at the 2005 'Dancing with the Stars' television reality show. Enjoy!

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The Pearl

The Pearl is aptly named. It is soon to be a precious commodity. Pearl is RIM’s minuscule new BlackBerry messaging, camera, media player, Bluetooth, quad-band world phone with a truly novel pointing device.

Pearl is the smallest BlackBerry to date. It is barely 4.2 by 2 by 0.6 inches and weighs only 3.16 ounces. If you’re into comparisons: Pearl is thinner than a RAZR — shorter than a SLVR and lighter than either one!

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Our friend WickedScorp has send us these pictures along with this comment: "Next time you're in Las Vegas, check out the show [Le Reve] at WYNN : if for no other reason, the men in it are amazing specimens. Show is awesome tho."

I haven't seen it, but sure will...

Le Rêve is a 90 minute performing arts show directed by Franco Dragone. The show opened in March 2005 and is performed in a new, 1 million gallon water-oriented theatre at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The theatre of 2,087 seats is a first for Las Vegas; the stage is audience centric and no seat is more than 42 feet (12 m) from the stage for this production. The music of Le Rêve was composed by Benoît Jutras, a musical veteran charted with creating the flagship anthems of the current playing Mystère and O shows.

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