Genetic Freak::Sebastian Rulli

Have a great Saturday Night. Tonight I am celebrating my friend Eli's birthday. She rocks and tonight is going to be awesome! Happy bday Eli.

If you want more eye candy, check out American Urge: Raw, which is for an adult audience only. Again, for adults only. Enjoy.

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Myspace Blog

Hey guys, I have updated my 'Myspace Blog' with some of the crazy things that have happened to me in the past two weeks. Tell me what you think. Much love.

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David Vance::Photographer

David Vance's photographs resonate with a dynamic tranquility, a quite passion. They are at once sensual and strong, haunting and inspiring. They reflect a deep appreciation of classic painting sculpture, and a great love of beauty.

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Grey's Anatomy::Dr. McSteamy

Didn't catch the last episode of Grey's Anatomy? Well, you missed out big time. I swear the last episode had some visual crack in it because it left me agonizing for more. In one of my favorite scenes, Dr. McDreamy finds his wife/ex-wife with Dr. McSteamy in what I would call, a compromising situation. Press play and check it out:

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Sassy!! Cristiano Ronaldo could not be any hotter. He is melting my heart as we speak! Here we have him looking fantabulous while doing some shopping at Louis Vuitton. By the way, who is the annoying girl that keeps following him everywhere he goes?

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Fred Goudon::Photographer

The sensual photography of Fred Goudon is the kind of eye candy that I needed to start my Friday night. Highly arousing!

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1. Matthew McConaughey: Has become a weirdo but with that body who cares.
2. Cristiano Ronaldo: sure knows how to arranges what his momma gave him.
3. Matthew Fox: well defined and compartmentalized, lol. Grrrr

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AussieBum Videos

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In My SideKick

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DNA Magazine

DNA loves us! The new issue, now in newsstands, rocks steamy sexy models serving as hangers for the hottest summer look for them in the Southern Hemisphere. A must get!!!

Craving for more: DNA Feast::DNA Cover Boy

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Nip/Tuck::Thad Luckinbill and Julian McMahon

Nip/Tuck sure knows his audience and what we expect of the show. In this scene, which is by far much more steamy than the one with Mario Lopez, Thad Luckinbill and my doctor McDreamy Julian McMahon take it up a notch giving us nudity, drama, and violence in like a minute. Love it!!!

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GQ Magazine::Josh Hartnett

After putting the breaks on stardom and disappearing from Hollywood for a while, hottie Josh Hartnett does GQ Magazine and explain to us the force behind his fantastic comeback to the big screen in Brian De Palma's 'The Black Dahlia'. In the words of my friend Jmo, Josh is "super sassy fabulous", I adore him.

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Aaron Diaz

Actor and model Aaron Diaz has finally made his big screen debut in the Mexican movie "Amor Xtremo", in which he plays Sebastián, an adventurous, impulsive, and control free guy that travels along with his brother from Mexico City to Vegas to catch the U.S. Motocross Open. As I mentioned before, Aaron might be taking small steps in his career, but we will sure see him in the top. Isn't he hot? Grrrrrr!!

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Olivier Herranz

French fitness model and actor Olivier Herranz is a drop of heaven. The twenty nine years old hunk, who is currently participating in the "Dead Boyz Don't Scream" movie, is my fantasy come true. Don't you love him?!

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A few weeks ago I posted a few pictures of the famous Vegas show, Le Reve, which features stunningly beautiful men in swimsuits. This video is a follow up to better demonstrate why we should all go see the show right away.

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Insolence::Hilary Swank

This ad by Guerlain's 'Insolence' is worth posting on my blog though it is female material. lol. In it, Hilary Swank is amazing. You'll love it.

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Bon Magazine::JT

The cover boy of the moment, Justin Timberlake, does Bon Maganize and this time even I heart him. He is rocking a futuristic look that makes him look sexier than ever.

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COVERguy Canada

This year once again, your host Mathieu Chantelois embarks on a relentless search for Canada's most gorgeous guys. Airing every Sunday beginning October 1, Season Two of COVERguy promises to deliver even more tantalizing surprises than its predecessor.

Thirty finalists will strut their stuff before the merciless eyes of stylist Maha and a celebrity jury. Plucked from Canada's streets from coast to coast, the candidates will compete for the coveted title of Canada's next top male model.

COVERguy attracted even more hopefuls than last year including several hunks from the US and a small town farmer from southern Ontario. For some it was their first time in front of a camera, especially in underwear. For our finalists, it meant a chance to get a head to toe makeover and wear some great designer clothing. For our winner, cash, exposure, and a dream come true!

Thanks to Out TV for their heads up email. Much love guys for keeping me informed and I'll sure be watching.

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Sagittarius::To Me

You may feel better in the long run if you can find the courage to fight for your beliefs. This isn't just an intellectual or philosophical issue; it's about believing in your own heart. Trust your instincts now and act upon your feelings. Even if this creates temporary difficulty, things will resolve as long as you light your way with truth.
Monday, September 25, 2006

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Nip/Tuck::Hot Naked Shower

For those of you that missed it or want to see it again, here we've got the steamy scene from Nip/Tuck Season 4, in which Mario Lopez and Julian McMahon share a naked shower. Mario is like my new fetish.

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Face of the Day

Atesh Salih is sinfully delicious. A man with stunning sophistication, Salih is the embodiment of beauty.

Atesh Salih was born in Nigeria to a Turkish Cypriot (father) and a German (mother). Aside from the now highly-acclaimed stint for Giorgio Armani, Atesh has done photo shoots for such fashion magazines as Wallpaper*, GQ and Vogue Hommes. He also modeled for Cerruti, Swatch, among others. He likes surfing and skating.

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Latin Hotties

::Aarón Díaz: Gorgeous. The beautiful actor is unstopable. After conquering the Mexican acting scene, I am sure we will soon see him in Hollywood.
::Alejandro Fernández: Un bombom de los mas buenos.

::Ernesto Dalessio: The Mexican actor and singer recently got third place in the Mexican reality show, 'Singing with the Stars'. A bit too baby boyish for me, but still doable.
::Armando Araiza: Super actor and everything else, but he is just hot. Love his abs.

::Leonardo García: The soap-opera actor might not be the greatest actor in Mexico, but with those looks, who cares.

::Christian de la Fuente: who would have imagined that the sexy Chilean, who worked along side Sylvester Stallone in the movie Driven, is a civil engineer. So hot!
::Alfonso Herrera: The Justin Timberlake in Latin America. As a member of the famous Mexican group RBD, Alfonso has become the biggest superstar of our time.

::Sebastián Rulli: Outstanding talent. Not only is he beautiful, but he is also an amazing actor and singer. The reason for my overdose of wet dreams.
::Julio Camejo: A superb actor. The Cuban born is one of the most well rounded talents in Latin America.

::Eduardo Verástegui: Papi te quiero!!!! The actor, singer, model is single and looking. If he only knew I am too. I heart him so much.

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Blog Hoppin' for Hotties

Paris City Boy: deliciously beautiful men.

Beleza Insana: Gorgeous collection of eye candy

Les Ombres: my blog pal, love the daily updates of eye poppin' hunks.

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