Audi R8

Audi has unveiled the 2008 R8, its first ever mid-engine sports cars. The car has a 420 horsepower high-revving V8 engine and all-wheel-drive. Just what I need in my garage! Visit 'Future Obsolete' for more.

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Frank Celaya::Photographer

I love it. So in your face, so raw, so beautiful. Enjoy Frank Celaya's work.

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::Genre:: ::Tetu:: ::Blue+:: ::Out::

Go get them!

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Justin Chambers As Alex

After watching a rerun of last episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' on ABC's homepage, I have decided that my favorite character in the show is Alex, played by amazingly hot Justin Chambers. As Alex, the ex CK model turned actor, plays who I believe is the most complex and interesting character in the show. Too bad the character is not explored to his full potential.

Alex, the pompous and overconfident heartthrob, should have more conflicting relationships with the rest of the cast, like with Dr. McDreamy, sexual encounters with girls other than the blond chick, more clothes off/ass showing scenes, and why not, a gay kiss. Without a doubt, Alex should be the only McDreamy in the show.

In case you have not noticed, I am in love with Justin. He has the hottest lips...yummy!!

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A true romantic, Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona brigs us his best work yet: Adentro". His music reaches to the deepest and most tender spot in my heart stirring a world of emotions in me.

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Sexy Black is Back

The latest issue of BabyBoy Magazine is packed with interviews with Marianne James and Janet Jackson, a report on the gay cowboys of Brazil, a fashion spread on Housin, and much more. And it is free. I love it and I am sure you will too.

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One of Australia's leading gay men's magazine, Blue+ is also one of the world's top photography journal for connoisseurs of the male form.
Dedicated to art, beauty, and the freedom of gay expression, Blue is the collectible of choice for queer coffee tables.

Issue #63 is loaded with hot pictures of jocks, swimsuits, straight guys, swimmers, muscles, your favorite models and much more. You won't stop drooling!

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Ross Watson

Australian artist Ross Watson knows what is important when it comes to his work: painting what we love looking at. He has nailed his strategy. I love his work.

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Vanity Fair::George Clooney

Elegant, handsome, and ideal: George Clooney does Vanity.

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Nelly Furtado::Maneater

New beats, hot video, press play!

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Two-A-Days::The Hotties

Though I hate football, I have to admit that my latest guilty pleasure is MTV's reality show 'Two-A-Days'. The show, which follows a high school football team through their 2005 season, features two of the hottest hunks currently on TV, Alex (right) and Max (left). The two gorgeous players have amazing bodies, super cool personalities, and unexpected sensitivity. Love them.

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John Cena::'The Marine'

American professional wrestler, John Cena, is thought to be the new Hollywood it thing. His good lucks, spectacular body, and wrestling career have landed him a lead role in 'The Marine', in which he plays a soldier that returns from battle to find that his wife is ensnared in a kidnapping plot. Again, yea for war movies.

**Love his back. So broad and mandly. Grrrr!

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JT For Citizen K Magazine

Justin Timberlake brings the sexy Midwest look back. Hot.

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Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe has always been in top shape and we adore him for that. He is an example when it comes to working out habits; he works his ass off like no one. However, in the past few months we saw him overdo himself in the running tracks as if he was getting ready for war. Guess what, that was exactly the case, more or less. Ryan was preparing for his new role in the war movie, 'Stop-Loss', in which a soldier, back home in Texas after fighting in Iraq, refuses to return to battle despite the government mandate requiring him to do so. Yeeea for war movies.
ps. Guess who else is in this movie?

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Image Overload::Blake Kuchta

IMG model Blake Kuchta is male perfection. I have not stopped drooling since I came across these pictures of him. Thank you to my anonymous reader who pointed me in Blake's direction.

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Ocean Morisset::Photography

Ocean Morisset explores male sensuality and sexuality in all its facets. Morisset's photographs from an emotional place that results in a very organic photography. Start trippin'!

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Gay Times

Besides the interviews, gay news, exclusive photoshoot, and travel tips, the new issue of supper sexy magazine 'Gay Times' also explores the "'one in ten' equation: How many are we?" Love it!

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Hot Video::Cassie

Cassie, the myspace sensation turned famous overnight, is back with a hot new video that will make you dance all night long. Start trippin' with 'Long Way 2 Go', press play:

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