Brad the Paparazzo?

I love myself some Brad Pitt in his artsy badass mode!!! All of yesterday, Brad played the 'turista' taking pictures all over the city of Pune. The man is so fine, he even looks good in a helmet and handkerchief. He has also not giving up on his cigarette habit, which is bad, but at the same time, it just goes well with the outfit and overall concept (or not!?).

Source: Just Jared

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Genetic Freak of the Day

Start sex dreaming right now!! Austin Drage, a 20 years old British singer, writer, and actor, has provided me with the inspiration I was needing to start my night right. Enjoy more Austin at Most Beautiful Man.

Source: Closet Conundrums

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Brad, The Hottest Role Model

Brad voted in this past elections in support of Proposition 87, a ballot initiative to tax oil production to raise $4 billion for loans, grants and subsidies to promote alternative fuels and more energy-efficient vehicles.

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Mario Does it the Jackson Way

In case you missed it, McLovable/McDimples, that is, Mario Lopez, showed off his Jackson moves this week at Dancing With the Stars. There was moon walking, kicks in the air, and plenty of crotch grabbing. Hot! Press Play:

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Sesitif Magazine

The seventh issue of Sensitif magazine is now online and the content is delicious. So much so that you will probably end up licking your screen. The hot pictures covering several pages of the magazine are of famous Parisian DJ, Nicolas Nucci, which were taken by top photographer Fred Goudon. Isn't Nicolas the cutest?!!

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QBoy::'Is Just So Fly'

The most played song in my sidekick this week is without a doubt, 'Is Just So Fly' by British gay rapper, QBoy. The raw emotions, the straight frowardness that almost bite your ass, and the unique perspective on what it means to be gay, make of this song my top pick of the month. Besides, QBoy's supper hot rapping British accent along with the simple beats, makes the song irresistibly contagious.

QBoy, who is very well known in Europe and is now trying to break into the American audience, filmed the video for 'Is Just So Fly' in no other than NYC!!! How better way to say he is here!!

For more on QBoy, take a look at his myspace page. Now press play and enjoy the video:

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Solar Power Commercial

Something to think about!

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DNA Magazine

Enjoy these pictures of the current 'Music Issue' of DNA Magazine. Pay attention to details as you will better appreciate all the gorgeous model offers.

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Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez is the ultimate show off and I love it. Whether it is on the dance floor, in a communal shower, or at a baseball field, Mario is always proud to display his perfectly built naked body for our enjoyment.

Here we have him playing some ball and looking McLovable as always. I only wish these baseball encounters take place often. Grrr! Also, 'Dancing With the Stars' finals are coming up, don't forget to vote for him.

Source: OMG Blog

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Nelly Furtado::'Say it Right'

Nelly Furtado's latest video, 'Say it Right', from 'Loose', is quite interesting. The bad: The overall concept has been done before, the dancers are not very well coordinated, and the song itself is of an acquired taste. The good: the beat is catchy, the dancers are bootylicious, and Nelly Furtado looks like a goddess in it. Press play:

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Babyboy Magazine #28

Babyboy #28 is not as hunk packed as previous issues, however, the very engaging and interesting articles make up for it . Among the issues discussed in the magazine, you will find a study on the fears of gay black men and the reasons for keeping their homosexuality quite, and a look on how hip-hop is being used to fight homophobia. Take a look, it is free.

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Laugh a Little

Very funny. Press play:
Good night everyone.

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Brothers and Sisters

I am hooked on ABC's Sunday night show Brothers and Sisters. I might even have to agree with some of my readers that this show is much better than "Grey's Anatomy", lol. The over all quality of the show is fantastic. The writing is witty and the characters are right on point. The frequent gay kissing between Matthew Rhys & Luke Macfarlane is just a plus to an already amazing show.

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C-in2 Underwear

Spank me now officer!!! C-In2 latest ads are straight out of a porn (or out of an American Most Wanted episode), but in any case, they are hot enough for me to skip my nightly visit to Tom@Paris. Their website is even more wetdream inducing, specially due to their videos. Check them out.

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"Babel" is genius. I had a chance to see it this past Sunday and I am amazed by the directorial talent of Alejandro Gomez Inarritu, who in the most incredible and unexpected way manages to tie together four different stories within this movie. In "Babel", Inarritus deals with the same social and political issues he presented in "Amores Perros" and "21 Grams", however, this time he does it from a global perspective. I highly recommend it.

In the pictures we have Rinko Kikuchi, Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett at last night premier of "Babel" in Westwood, California. Brad looking as sassy as always.

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Ricky Martin

Yes, I know, I am obsessed with Ricky Martin. But is not as you might think, I just admire his talent, humanitarian work, and why not, his style.

Here is the video for his Unplugged presentation of "Tu Amor" in which he features La Mari de Chambao and Tommy torres - I love it. Also, take a look at his MYSPACE PAGE for pictures and some cool videos.

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Benjamin Jordan::Photographer

Benjamin Jordan's "Underground Love" is a pretty interesting collection. I love the concept, the colors are impregnating, and the model is not too bad himself. Start trippin'.

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Daniel Miagany::Genetic Freak of the Day

Update on Daniel: he is still hot, if not hotter. The myspace sensation currently has several magazine covers in his pocket, a full load of new pictures in his site, and a lot more coming up. So naughty, I love him!

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Ricky Martin::More From Latin GRAMMY

I love it when Ricky is in relaxed mode, specially when he is grabbing and caressing objects of that sort.

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Dolce and Gabbana::Summer 2007

Native Americans served as inspiration for Dolce and Gabbana's 2007 Summer collection. The mixture of indigenous fashion along with current trends, has proved to be another success for our favorite designers. D&G have nailed the sexy for this coming summer.

I am personally not big on prints, but D&G somehow makes them desirable. Is it the models? What ever it is, you might see me rocking the Tarzan look this summer.

Source: Man Chic

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