Giselle Bundchen

Giselle recently posted this picture of herself posing for Dolce and Gabbana's swim wear at her Myspace site. She looks stunning and the male model even more so. Thanks Giselle!!!

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The Sexiest Men Alive

I could not disagree more with People magazine's 'The Sexiest Men Alive' issue. It is completely predictable and unremarkable.

Why is George Clooney the sexiest of them all again? We already know he is handsome, a great actor, and an amazing human being, so there was no need to put him back on the cover. Leo DiCaprio would have been a perfect first choice.

Why is everyone so covered up? I know it is winter and all, but being that they are so sexy, 'People' should have known that less clothes on would have brought warmth to my soul.

Why is David Beckham not in the top two or top fifteen for that matter? The man is a god and he deserves recognition!!

Since when are 'The Sexiest Men Alive' selected based on personality only? When you visit 'People' Magazine you will notice I left out several celebrities that I am not sure how they made it on the list. Trust me you will agree.

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Shame on you that didn't vote for Mario!!! I swear I am still in shock. How in the world did Mario lose?

I do understand that Mario got lost for a second in his free style, but that was not good enough reason to vote against him. So it must have been discrimination, just because he is hot. There is no other explanation. In any case, congratulations to Emmitt.

Press play and watch Mario's free style:

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Leo is the Man

GQ magazine's "Men of the Year" issue features three different covers, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay-Z and Will Farrell. But since I only care about Leo, here is his well deserved cover!!!

Here are some pictures of his upcoming movie, 'Blood Diamond'. Leo has definitely rocked this year, not only with his last movie the 'Departed', but also with his environmental work. It does not get any better.

Image Source

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Dolce and Gabbana's 'Cruise Collection'

What is there not to like about Dolce and Gabbana's ad campaign for their 2007 summer collection: 'Cruise Collection'?

D&G have brought a naughty and provocative twist to the countryside, on which this collection is inspired. From the look of the ads, it will be a sizzling summer.

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Will Smith

We have not seen much of Will Smith since his movie Hitch in 2005, but something tells me that the man in black is back and that we'll be seen lots of him.

Here we have him as the cover boy of 'Premier Magazine', promoting his soon to hit theaters, 'The Pursue of Happiness'. Is it just me or has he gotten really old?

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Diddy Makes Me LMAO!

Hilarious! Hopefully you don't have the background on this video so that you enjoy it even more. But if you do, thank Faith Hill and K. West for everything!!! lol

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Spider-Man 3

After being highly disappointed by 'Superman Returns', I can't wait for Spider-Man 3 to come out since I am sure it will revive my trust and love for superheros.

I am more than ready for some real action and as I can tell by the trailer, the upcoming Spider-Man will kick ass once again.

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Blue + 65

Australia's leading photography journal, 'Blue +', is out with their latest collectible, issue number 65. It does not get better than this!!! The whole magazine is a piece of heave loaded with pictures of the hottest men a live. I heart it!!

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Wild Cat

A team of Bulgarian designers have come up with a set of renderings for a new super car designed called 'Wild Cat'.

Created by the 12B design team, the car is projected to weigh around 2600lbs and feature a 460 horsepower V8. The team's main objective is to have a working prototype ready to be presented some time in 2008. I want one!

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Ricky Martin Does NYC

Though he was a little sweaty, I am sure the fans didn't mind one bit to chill with Ricky Martin at his NYC's 'in store' that took place this past November 9th to promote his latest album, "Ricky Martin Unplugged".

Image Source: La Musica

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Genetic Freak of the Day

Brazilian model Miro Moreira is the latest face of 'The Boy' and needless to say, he is a perfect specimen. I only wish he would have shown a lot more of his tattoo, right?

The twenty two years old is just starting his career, so we will sure see lot more of him. By the way, enjoy all of his photo shoot at 'The Boy'.

Image source: Made in Brazil

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Ricky Rocks Ocean Drive

The November issue of Ocean Drive magazine got Ricky Martin to take it off! The shirt that is, lol. It is about time Ricky shows some skin. I really can't remember the last time I saw anything more than his tattoos. From the cover to the last page of his interview, Ricky brings Vida Loca back and I love it.

Unlike his revealing pictures, however, his interview is highly disappointing. Ocean drive asks him questions to which we already know the answers. In the interview, Richy talks about his childhood, his experience growing up in the music business, his interest in Buddhism, and his trips to India. Yeah, I have heard it all before.

The one topic that makes the interview worth reading, is the one on his fight against human trafficking. He states he is not afraid of the threats human traffickers represent nor is he afraid to put his life in jeopardy for the cause. Go Ricky!! What is there not to love about him?!

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Y + Yoga Center

The recent popularity of yoga has sparked the blossoming of extravagant yoga practice centers all over the wold. There is however, one that sure tops them all, the Y + Yoga Center. Located in Shanghai, the center is a yoga heaven.

Comprised of three yoga rooms, four massage rooms, a meditation space, and several other communal facilities, all interiorly designed to inspire the most amazing yoga experience, the center provides the perfect harmony between space and practice. Have to check it out.

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D&G::Summer and Winter '07

Dolce and Gabbana never let us down when it comes to their fashion shows - actually, they never let us down when it comes to anything, period. Their 2007 Summer and Winter shows are no exception. As expected, these shows celebrate the hottest fashion, the sexiest models, and the coolest runway concepts.

Summer 2007

Winter 2007

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Gwen Stefani::Wind It Up

Gwen Stefani's latest single, 'Wind It Up', from her new album, 'The Sweet Scape', is so hot it makes yodeling sound cool. Well, kind of!! Check out the video:

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