Les Kitchendales

There is no better way to learn how to cook, or anything for that matter, than with hot men teaching you. I bet you agree! That is why the French cooking series 'Les Kitchendales', is the perfect solution for kitchen illiterates like me (that even have a hard time boiling water). The reality show features three wacky cooking studs - Andrew, Enzo, and Wesley - that not only give us the break down on various dishes, but also show off their beautiful bodies while at it.

::Hot dancing session.

::A perfect massage and rear view of the guys

::Hot shower

Source: So Slowly

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Anonymous said, "You should look at Chris Daughtry's website, and look for his official promo shots, b/c he has i think like 4 or 5 other band members, and they're all cuties in their own punk rock ways, and 2 of them look like models. They're almost like a rocker backstreet boys."

Anonymous, I couldn't agree more!!! Except for the skinny mohawk dude (definitely not my type), Chris Daughtry's band members are heartthrobs. I personally like the one in the button up black shirt, kind of reminds me of my first boyfriend. Second up would be pretty boy with spiked hair; he has the Abercrombie and Fitch looks we all love. Needless to say, I heart Chris!! But it is not all just looks, the guys are very talented. You should definitely listen to their music: Myspace:: ::Official Site:: ::Chris Tops the Idols

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Dior Homme Dermo System

Dior Homme and Hedi Slimane have joined forces to create Dermo System, a line of men care products consisting of light weight and fragrance free moisturizer, hydrating toner, eye cream and serum providing anti-aging properties. I want this for my bday, which is December 20th. Thought I would mention it. lol

I also want Ambrose, the 2O year-old model and face of the Dermo System products. A kiss from those lips would just make me merry for the rest of my life.

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Dolce and Gabbana Loves Chad White

Chad White is not only our number one model wetdream, but he is also Dolce & Gabbana's number one obsession. Isn't he like in every one of their ads? I am not complaining though cause he is McDelicious. I just love his behind!!! Grrrr!!! Here we have him in D&G's ad for metal jewelery looking sassy as always. Feel free to lick the screen!

Image Source: Towleroad

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The Duel::Wrestle for Your Life

The last episode of 'The Duel' is for sure the most aggressive and testosterone filled combat in the history of MTV's competitions. I felt as if I was watching an episode of 'Ultimate Fighters'. It was sick, but hot!

Wes and Derrick 'Pole Wrestle' for twenty intense minutes. Since both are determined to kick ass, they end up beating each other up in the process. Just picture it and while at it, let your imagination run. In my head they go straight into sex, but that is just me. After all the kicking and pushing, Wes proves that he is unbeatable when it comes to these challenges!! Yay! I love me some Wes!!

Image Source: Guy TV Blog

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Grey's Anatomy Kicks Butt

If you missed last night episode of Grey's Anatomy , 'Don't Stand So Close to Me", you must stop masturbating, playing Nintendo Wii, stuffing yourself with the week's left overs of Thanksgiving dinner, or what ever else you are doing, and go watch it right now. It is a must see. With out a doubt, one of TV's best.

This is the quick break down: Two adult conjoined twins want to be separated. The surgery requires 22 doctors, including Derek, who after Burke blames him for his tremor, loses confidence and doesn't want to go through with the surgery. Then there is Mr. O'Malley's surgery, which after minor complications has to take place ahead of time. Though George questions Dr Hahn's methods, she operates on his father with the extraordinary help of Cristina. Cristina proves why she is the man. There is also a team of doctors working on the birth of a baby who stops breathing and you know how that goes!! Everyone is angry at each other, but at the end, there is a happy ending. I heart this show.

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Sebastian Kehl

German soccer player Sebastian is not just packing, he is also kind of cute. Though there are some pictures around in which he looks busted, with some make up on and good lighting he definitely have modeling potential. Visit his official site for more pictures, however don't expect an arousing experience.

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Sam Looks Tres Sexy on the Cover

Sam is his name!!! The cover boy for the December issue of Tetu magazine is not my kind of guy, but something about him is just exquisite! He shines in these pictures. Love it!

Source: Kenneth in the (212)

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Davis Gets Real with Advocate Magazine

Davis, form MTV's 'The Real World: Denver", gets intimate and personal with Advocate magazine.

The sexy gay frat boy from Marietta, Ga, who in my opinion is still only half way out the closet, tells the magazine, in a two page interview, about growing up in a conservative Christian family, his personal struggle with his sexuality, his feelings towards TV typecasting and what he is currently up to these days. If you are into social sexuality (and I am talking about the career field) the interview is worth reading.

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Sebastian Kehl Swings 'it' Like no Other Player

This is for sure the ultimate sport's unintentional eye candy of the year. It is half second of pure soccer glory that will live in my memory, and probably yours, for ever. German soccer midfielder, Sebastian Kehl, who currently plays for Borussia Dortmund, shows off all of his attributes and I'm not talking about soccer here!!!!

When you watch the video look out for the grabber's double look. He certainly loved what he saw!!! Also, notice how long it takes for Sebastian to fix himself up. Is he proud or what?

Note: there is nudity in the video!!!

Source: A Cause des Garcons

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Chris Tops the Idols

Chris Daughtry is the true winner after all!!! The self-titled album of my favorite baldy and super sexy hunk debuted #2 on the US album charts after Jay-Z's 'Kingdom Come'. Impressive, huh!!!! The album has sold 304 thousand copies and counting!!! Beat that Taylor!!!

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Them Ladies are Taking Them Away

Some of our favorite men don't seem to have much time for us these days and all due to them females. Whether they are screwing in one of the MTV bathrooms or planning a marriage, these men just don't give us the time of the day. Are you feeling my jealousy? ;)

I have to admit that Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo look kind of cute together, but just kindda!!! Here we have them spending some quality time at a baseball game.

Hot people sure deserve to be together, reason why I wont complain about these two sexing each other up in the City. But he is still my number one tenderony!!!!

It is being said that Owen Wilson is getting ready to pop the big question to Kate Hudson. Since he is no where to be found in my list of hot people, I certainly don't have a problem with that, as long as she doesn't ruin his 'comedy'. However I do have a problem with the love of my life, Heath Ledger, getting married to anyone. Rumor has it that Heath and girlfriend Michelle Williams were spotted last week in Brooklyn getting a marriage license. That just makes me sad.

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Prison Break::The Awesome Finale

In Prison Break's last episode, T-Bag goes postal! Seriously, this guy is insane and too f*ing smart. After breaking from prison, T-Bag has little success locating his ex wife, whom he plans to kill with his bare hands. However, he finally comes up with a plan that takes him straight to her front door. He flirts his way into the life of a post office lady, whom he sexes up, persuades to get him his ex-wife's info from the post office confidential files, and then kills. He obviously shows up at the ex-wife's house, but we don't know what happens next.

So Sucre is on a plane trying to make it to Mexico while been followed by Air Force jets that are determined to take him down. Knowing that he has no chance of getting away by air, he parachutes off the plane and miraculously lands safely, unlike his pilot who dies in the process. Sucre is definitely the luckiest mofo in the show!

Poor Bellick, the man has the tables completely turned on him. He is first betrayed by his partner in crime, who beats him up and takes all of the stolen money for himself, then T-Bag kills the partner in crime and makes it seem as if it is Bellick who does it, soon after he is in front of a judge being denied bail and sent to prison at no other than the Fox River State Penitentiary. Lucky for him, his big cell mate awaits for him to show him some lovin' ;)

After almost being killed by officer Mahone, Michael and Lincoln are taken into custody by Border Patrol, where they wait to be transfered back to Fox River. The boys are highly disappointed at how everything turns out for them, but little do they know that Mahone and Agent Kellerman will soon come to their rescue. Afraid of having his family killed by the secret organization he works for, for not killing the brothers, Mahone, with the help of Kellerman, organizes a final plot to kill them both. Just as Mahone envisions it, Michael and Lincoln get to escape away from the cops into a underground tunnel where they have no way out. Finally, when we think the brothers are about to die, Kellerman ends up shooting Mahone and helping the brothers escape. Yay!!!! So much awesomeness in one show! I love it. And I gave it all away, lol.

Image Source: Prison Break Buff

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Responding to Some of Your Comments

In reference to my post on Mexican actors Gael Garcia and Diego Luna's support for gay rights in Mexico, 'Anonymous' said : "i was a little shocked to hear of thier support for gay marriage... i remember reading an interview when Y tu Mama released, that the boys would run off camera to vomit when they had to do their kissing scene... just like in the movie. Sounds like typical machismo crap, so maybe this is hopeful news that they're not as big of assholes as I thought."

Re: I was actually shocked myself. Even though Gael and Diego are among my favorite actors, I was always disappointed at them due to those comments you mentioned. Besides throwing up after the gay kissing scenes in 'Y Tu Mama Tambien', the actors admitted they stopped talking to each other for months as a result of the same kisses. Throughout the release of 'Y Tu Mama Tambien', both actors made numerous homophobic comments, which made no sense since most of the PR for the movie was clearly targeted to the gay community. But I am glad they have redeemed themselves by publicly voicing their support for gay civil unions in Mexico. I figure that at the time they made the comments, they were still young, immature, and insecure about their careers. I have forgiven them!

In reference to the same post on Diego and Gael, 'Carioca' said, "I think Catholicism is the very biggest problem. Because even Protestant churches (at least, some of them) except gay people better than the Catholic. Mexico is a very Catholic Country. Brazil was. Protestantism is very strong here nowadays. But I think we, Brazilians, have some difficulty to leave that kind of Catholic culture. And because of that gays are hard accept in some Brazilian families. In Mexico I believe the situation is even worse!"

Re: I don't think Catholicism is the problem, but I sure believe catholic leaders are. It is unfortunate that a religion that teaches good principles and provides the foundation for a healthy life, is lead by incompetents. It is all about interpretation and through out the years, these leaders have only known to outlined the 'sacred readings' however best they fit their personal interest and/or based on ignorance. I am not sure if changing religions is the solution, but for sure something has to be done about the leadership of the church. I think we all have had enough of all conflicts caused by the discrepancies and bullshit mysteries these people have created. It is time for change and I am glad that Mexican celebrities have come to realize that.

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Hottie of the Day::Carlinhos Freire

Made in Brazil recently posted these amazing pictures of Brazilian model Carlinhos Freire, that I'm sure will leave you speechless. I seriously can't stop drooling over them (and feeling bad about myself for not working out more often). Carlinhos, who belongs to 40 Graus agency, will be appearing in the upcoming OUT swimsuit issue. Can't wait!!

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Men of the Year

The January '07 issue of Total Film magazine digs into the craziness Brad Pitt's life has been in the past year and his role in Alejandro González Iñárritu's 'Babel'. On the cover, Brad stands next to headlines that read, “His darkest tough guy. His meanest good guy. His sharpest smart guy & his secret zombie sci-fi. Building Babel and exactly why Brad Pitt owns 2007.”

Looking suspiciously similar to the Total Film cover, the cover of the new Esquire presents George Clooney standing next to headlines that read "The Genius issue, in which we discover what George Clooney means to the future of the planet..." In the magazine, George talks about his humanitarian work, his movies, private life, and everything you probably already know ;)

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Desperate for Hot Men

Dougray Scott (right) and Mark Deklin, are the two new reasons, or only reasons for that matter, why to watch ABC's Desperate Housewives. Alleluja for the man candy!!! The new season is not all that bad, but it is a little too predictable, reason why these two actors can only spice things up.

Dougray Scott plays Ian Hainsworth, Susan's new lover and Mark Deklin plays Bill Pearce, Gabrielle's latest boy toy. Aren't they super sexy? Now we just need them both in a couple of nude scenes under the rain!!! Hot!!

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The Duel::Update

If drama and hot naked torsos turn you on, well, you shouldn't' t have missed the last episode of MTV's 'The Duel' . For reality TV lovers like me, the show is orgasmic. On the one hand, Beth, Brad and Svetlana get into a heated argument. On the other, Wes and CT show off their perfectly built bodies.

Beth, being the sneaky and self-centered biatch she is (reason why I love her), couldn't stop herself from confronting Brad and letting him know that Svetlana had informed her that he had been talking trash behind her back and planning against his own friends. Obviously Beth exaggerates a little, so much so, that Svetlana, after being brought into the middle of all of it, wishes to leave the house and of course, to kick Beth's behind.

After the day challenges, Svetlana is the first pick to go to the Duel and without thinking it twice, she picks Beth as her contender. Draaaama!!!! At the Duel, everyone knows that Svetlana has no chance of winning being that she is the size of Beth's pinkie. And they were right, Beth kicks her ass. However, at the end, Svetlana is named the winner since it is decided that Beth does not finish the challenge as specified by the rules. I personally think it was all a plot to get Beth kicked out of the house. MTV has some explaining to do!

Thank god for water challenges!!!! This week's competition, the "Rafty Race", requires the boys to wear minimum clothing and show off their strength and physical attributes while running, sweating, rafting and getting wet. Hot!!! Wes was the disappointment of the week, again, after being the first to be kicked out of the challenge. CT, on the other hand, was the winner of the day.

But what really matters here is that CT and Wes are the perfect eye candy. Aren't they hot?!

Source: Guytvblog

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Dolce and Gabbana::New 'Time' Commercial

The new Dolce and Gabbana commercial for their watch brand, 'Time', is a trip of raw sensuality and explosive energy. Pure hotness, only as D&G knows how to do it!!

Source: Ohlala Blog

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AXM Magazine

The December issue of AXM Magazine is out now and the cover boy is no other than our favorite super model turned actor, Channing Tatum. In this issue, Channing talks about his sudden success in Hollywood, his dance moves, and what it feels to be AXM's man of the year.

AXM also interviews Lindsay Lohan(isn't she in every magazine on stands this month? I'm growing sick of her), does the 2006 pop culture review, and examines various groups within the gay community - bears, scallies, muscle boys and alternatives - which might help us, or at least me, understand them just a little.

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