MTV's 'The Duel'

I am saying it again, CT is my god, my religion, my one and only tenderony. Look at him, he is perfection!! In last week's 'The Duel', CT gave us plenty of reasons to love him even more: another half hour of half-nakedness!!!

After kicking butt at this week's challenges, CT proved that he is the Alpha male and that there is no competition for him in the house. However, I am afraid that this might be the beginning of his end since some of the guys are already forming alliances and conspiring against him. Just imagine how boring the show would be without him.

Image source: Guy TV Blog

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Djamel is SexyBack!!

Your end of the year fantasy magazine issue has arrived and all thanks to Baby Boy 29!!!! The magazine has finally listened to my prayers and brought back my number one wet/day-dream, supper hottie and Baby Boy's top model Djamel, who is this month's cover boy. To die for!!!

If you think the cover is hot, wait until you look inside and find Djamel's steaming photo spread in which he shows off every muscle of his body. It is better than sex!! Getting hot yet? Well, guess what, these images are just an exclusive preview to Baby Boy's new calendar. In it, Djamel's naked body is the super star.

In the magazine you will also find an interview with Noah's Arc's lead actors, Darryl Stephens and Jensen Atwood, and an article on the madness over gay blogs.

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Calendar Cops 2007

Looking for the ultimate hunk eye candy?!!! Well, a dozen of the fittest and finest guardians of the state of New Jersey flaunt what's behind the badge and represent the universal appeal of men in uniform in the second edition of 'Calendar Cops 2007' calendar. Yummy!!!

Each month, from January through December, one shirtless male officer is featured in an "arresting" pose at locations around the Garden State, including the beach, the shooting range, a waterfall, a jail and a river. Purely orgasmic!!

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the calendar will benefit Garden State COPS, 'the New Jersey Chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc', which was created to provide emotional, financial and legal resources to victims' families.

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Vilan Garcon

The end of the year sale at the fairly new French clothing online store, 'Vilan Garcon' (aka 'Naughty Boys'), is the way to go for your Christmas shopping. The two young designers, Michael and Mathew, creators the sexy brand, are currently having a "Buy One T-Shirt/Get One Free" Xmas special that you can't miss. The designs are sexy, provoking and taboo free!!! Hot

The sale is in honor to the designers' launch of their latest collection that will hit their online store this February. If I were you, I would check out 'Naughty Boys' right now since the offer is only until supplies last!!!

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Warriors 2007 Calendar

Photographers Francois Kalife and Kris Gautier have just fulfilled the fantasy of most of you gay nerdy superhero lovers with their 2007 calendar, 'Warriors'.

The calendar, which is the photographers' latest undertaking after their first two editions of the 'Dieux Du Stade', captures masculinity in its rawest state. It would be the perfect Christmas present!!

Source: Vilain Garcon

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More Kitchendales

I just can't have enough of these guys!! Something about the cooking, the nakedness, and overall sexiness of the show have me addicted. Grrrr!!!

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Justin Timberlake Rocks British GQ

In the 'Men of the Year Awards" issue of British 'GQ' Magazine, Justin Timberlake steals the scene. He comes at the top of it all and we just can't have enough.

In the magazine, JT talks about the meaning behind his music, his top charted 'FutureSex/ LoveSound' album, Cameron Diaz, settling down, and his never ending success. The man has it all going for him!!!

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Greivin Morgan Araya

After becoming Costa Rica's 2006 Mister Universitario (Mr. University), Greivin Morgan Araya, has become his country's latest fashion sensation. It is pretty obvious why!!! The dude is hawt and packing!!

The 21 year-old, who is an Industrial Engineer major at the University of Hispanoamerica in Costa Rica, is currently pursuing an international modeling career. From the look of it he has all the necessary tools. Along with his awesomeness, Greivin has the support of major agencies in the country. After all, these agencies voted him Mr. University!!!

Thanks Jess!!

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I am completely hooked to NBC's 'Heros'; it is a fun show with lots of eye candy running around with super powers . Doesn't get better than that!! Well, it might not be a 'Grey's Anatomy', but it is ideal for some weed time with your friends: layback and with a lot of material to trip on!!!
However, what is the deal with the show's over promising advertisement that have left me highly disappointed of the past two episodes. "Save the Cheerleader" was all we heard for like a month and what do we get as a result, some lame action scenes and a poorly developed antihero (and no nudity, lol!!!). If NBC was to drop its marketing down a notch I am certain I would enjoy the show a lot more. At least I would not expect the JJ Abrams type of action sequences.

According to 'Fallout', the last episode, we will soon see Hiro fighting a dinosaur and all the heroes trying to save New York City from a massive explosion. Is that what we will actually see? I don't know, but I sure hope so.

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Mag Hopping

::The latest issue of the French magazine, 'Pref', digs deep into our inner most obscure objects of desire by exploring the practice of sadomasochism. Coverboy Philipp Tanzer, aka L'Oripeau du Guerrier, tells us all about his personal experience in SM. Hot!
::Besides the usual hotness British magazine 'Gay Times' brings to us in a monthly basis, in this last issue, GT also gets controversial with an investigation on the disappointments of World AIDS Day.

::'Advocate' magazine interviews 'soon to be a superstar' Jennifer Hudson on her roll in 'Dream Girls', a movie that might be her ticket to an Oscar. I am yet to watch the movie, but I hear it is the best there is in theaters right now!! A must see!!!
::The December issue of 'Genre' magazine is all about fashion and hot men. It also gives us a run down on the best gay moments of 2006. However, I believe they could have done much better with the coverboy!! Don't get me wrong, I love his body, but his face, well...

Here we have more images of Paul Single, featured in the latest issue of DNA magazine. See, this is the kind of man I want to see in my magazines!!! I'm drooling!!!

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I Heart Jamie Durie

The 36-year-old Australian hunk, Jamie Durie, is Oprah Winfrey's latest addition to her show. A garden guru, Jamie will now work along side interior designer Nate Berkus on the show's home projects. Score, another uberhottie on TV. I love Oprah, she never goes wrong with her men.

Before Oprah offered him the Lucrative deal, Jamie, who you probably know from Billy Cross' 'Manpower Australia' (see, strippers can make it big!!!), had recently being axed from his Australian show, 'Backyard Blitz'. There you have it, another reason to be thankful to Australia!

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Hot Jams

Puerto Rican rapper, Chelo, drops it like is hot in both Spanish and English, with 'Yummy', his new single from his album 360.

Residente Calle 13 is responsible for the best reggaeton out in the streets. Love them. 'La Jirafa' (Top) and 'Suave' (Bottom) are prove of their enormous talent!!!.

David Bisbal's, 'Amar es lo que Quiero' (Top) and 'Quien Me Iba a Decir' (Bottom)from his album Premonicion.

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