Eating Out 2::Marco Dapper

While working on my new-year resolutions this afternoon, I came across the below naked picture of Marco Dapper and now I am not only obsessing over him, but also determined to make my body look just like his. It is a must happen by the end of 2007!!!! Promise!

The 23 years old Marco, who is my new inspiration and gay super hero, is the star of the latest gay flick, "Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds". In the movie, which is currently out in selected theaters, Marco plays a sexually confused dude who has no problem showing off all of his perfectly built body!!! Grrrr!

"Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds" is America's first gay sequel ever. The movie has gotten great reviews, so take some time to watch it. I am planning on watching it sometime this week.

Boasting a cast of hunks and a witty script from Q. Allan Brocka and Phillip J. Bartell, Eating Out 2 promises sexy and irreverent fun for everyone. Returning to head up the cast are "American Idol" finalist Jim Verraros as Kyle and Emily Brooke Hands as Gwen, the ultimate fag hag. John Waters plays Kyle's mom.

This time the gang is going to infiltrate the ex-gay group, "Coming In" in an attempt to score with the newly arrived, hot nude model from art class, played by Marco Dapper. Good times!!!

Gay men pretending to be straight, straight girls kissing girls...sounds like my kind of fun!! This film is said to be witty, charming and lots of fun for everyone.

Enjoy Marco's picture overload!! Can you tell that I am deeply in love with him?? lol.

Update: NSFW image has been removed.

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DT Clothes

Is it just me or are Australians highly enthusiastic and particular about their underwear?? Lol. I guess we have to heart them for it since they are making some of the hottest undies in town.

If you are still Christmas shopping, you might want to checkout Aussie brand, DT Clothes. Their underwear collection is sick. It has a retro look mixed with sexy elements from today!! Hot!!

David Tomkinson and Mark Bradbury founded DT Clothes in June 2003 and are proving to be a tough competition to other Australian brands, including our favorite, Aussie Bum! Great job guys!!

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One More Cover for Spidy

One more cover for Tobey Maguire in the black suit and counting! The new issue of Premiere Magazine gives us an inside look at Spider-Man 3, including an interview with director Sam Raimi and an analysis of the new characters. If you are movie crazy, this is a must read!!

::Spider-Man does Empire Magazine

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Gai News::Ambidextrous and Bisexuality

According a new research carried out on the BBC Science and Nature website, people who can write with both their right and left hands are more likely to be bisexual. The study, which involved 255 thousand people and required the participants to answer 150 questions about demographics, personality, sexuality, social attitudes and behavior, shows that not only are ambidextrous more inclined to bisexuality, and to a lesser extent homosexuality, but also more likely to suffer from asthma, hyperactivity and dyslexia.

::Read a full article on the research at 365Gay.com

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One of Them Fantasies

You wake up one summer morning and suddenly realize that your life has become completely predictable and dissatisfying. Asphyxiated by your thoughts, you get on your car and drive endlessly trying to scape away from yourself. In the blink of an eye, your car breaks down and you are stuck in the middle of no where unable to fix it. It couldn't get worse. You start to feel hopeless, however, from out of nowhere, a gorgeous man, like the one in the picture, comes to your rescue.

He steps out of his Lexus convertible more than willing to get your car going again. After fixing the car and talking for hours, he offers you to spend the night over at his getaway house, which happens to be right next to a lake. After more conversations and several glasses of wine, the two of you find yourself swimming naked in the lake. And that is just the beginning. You can imagine the rest.
::Visit Studio 1088 for more hot images.

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G Magazine::December

G Magazine drops it like it's hot with their end of the year issue by bringing back supper Brazilian actor-and-singer-hottie Klaus Hee. Hee, who appeared in the magazine a few years ago, will melt you away with his to die for physic!!! His photo spread is heart stopping!!!

Thanks J.

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Movie Premiers

Leonardo DiCaprio looking sassy as always at the Hollywood premier of his latest movie, 'Blood Diamond'. Alongside were costars Jennifer Connelly and Djimon Hounsou. All of my respect to Leo!! The dude is awesome!!!

Sober Jude Law equals super sexy stud!! Don't you agree? I was afraid that after all of his marital and monetary problems he would not make it out alive, but here we have him, both at the UK and Germany premiers, looking better than ever.

A stunning Brangelina at the NYC premier of 'The Good Shepherd'. Lovely!!

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Ed Speleers

Sexy young actor Ed Speleers, is Eragon in the new adventure film by the same name, which hits theaters December 15th. Eragon is Ed's first movie and from the look of it, definitely not the last.

I wonder if there would be any homoerotic underlying theme like in Lord of the Ring? That would be hot!

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The Boy

The December issue of 'The Boy' brings us a double doses of hotness with Brazilian twin brothers, Flavio and Gustavo Mendonça. The twins are a wetdream made in heaven!!! I assure you the pictures will make you sweat!

Source: Made in Brazil

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The OC::The Hottest Season Yet

If you haven't been watching The OC - and according to ratings, that's a lot of you - you should definitely give it a chance; this is by far the best season yet. The quality of the show has nothing to envy Grey's Anatomy's or that of any of our favorite shows, reason why it is sad people aren't watching.

Forget about Mischa Barton' character, she is dead!!! It is time to move on and enjoy all the nakedness, pot smoking, and gayness the new episodes are all about. For instance, in last week episode, Taylor informs Ryan that she is a Blogger (she is one of us!!!), Ryan finds two gay dudes canoodleling (the hot one is Daniel Booko, yummy), Kaitlin shares a moment with a hot and packing swimmer (played by Corey Price), and that's just the beginning. You should try to watch it.

Source: FM Forums

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Matthew McConaughey

The newly crowned Hollywood's Biggest Party Animal by 'In Touch Weekly', Matthew McConaughey, was found early last month practicing yoga bare chested (Again!!! Yay!!!) at a beach in Australia. McConaughey, who is still in Australian filming his latest action/romance film, 'Fool's Gold', has gone a little wacko lately, but that hasn't stopped him from having the hottest torso ever.

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JT at the VS Fashion Show

If like me you missed Justin Timberlake's performance at this year's Victoria Secret Fashion Show, here you have it. Justin was the opening act, in which he had all of the super models - Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova, Alessandra Ambrosio, Selita Ebanks and Izabel Goulart - walking down the runway to his Sexy Back! Sexy!!!!

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Empire Magazine

The current issue of Empire magazine is like ecstasy for the movie lovers. The magazine is ending the year in style. It features exclusive images of Toby Maguire in the Spider-Man 3's black suite, an in depth review of the hot, the bad and the crazy of 2006, an inside look at Rocky 6, an interview with Mel Gibson on his new movie 'Apocalypto', and much more. A must read!

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Genetic Freak of the Day

Nothing like the ultimate end of the weekend eye candy. These pictures of German model, Fabian Elsner, are the best way to bring joy to your Sunday night, don't you agree?! Sassy!!

Source: Come into My World

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Don't Be Stupid, Protect Yourself!!!

If these ads are not straightforward enough, then what is? It is not a joke, protect yourself, even when it comes to just oral sex.

The Switz ads by Advico for condomshop.ch, are just genius!! Why walk into a danger zone unguarded? Be smart and just wear a condom!!

Source: Ad Hunt

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