Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2008

Catch Evandro Soldati, Matt Loewen, Michael Camiloto, Clint Mauro and crew strutting it for Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2008 show. The collection, which is pure "Italiana," leaves you breathless.

Watch the entire runway show after the jump.

Image Source :: Men Style

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Blake Kutcha for Old Navy

IMG Male model Blake Kutcha has completely change the way I watch Television. TV shows are so last season!! What's 'in' now are the twenty seconds of Blake in those Fall/Winter 2007 Old Navy ads. He seriously makes me feel butterflies inside. Watch him in action after the jump!

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Meeting Jamie Dornan :: Crash Magazine

Super model Jamie Dornan talks love and career with Crash Magazine's Spring/Summer 2007 issue.

On his upcoming movie projects: "I'm doing a really small British independent film, called The Rack. It's just a nice little romantic story, I'm really looking forward to it. I really like the part I have. I am pretty much preparing for that until we start in June. I'm not allowed to cut my hair or shave until we start...I'm going to look a little ridiculous..."

On gossip magazines: "Tabloids are disgusting. I don't understand why people read those kind of magazines..."

On how far he would go for love: "I think I'd go pretty far, I can't really put it into words...I'm pretty sensitive and I got pretty high emotions. I don't think there is anything I can't and wouldn't do for it."

Jamie is the best!! Read the rest of the interview after the jump.

*To read interview click on the first two images to enlarge.

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Joschke Netz for Photographer Olivier Rieu

Photographer Olivier Rieu takes us to Poseidon's mythological world of the sea with 'Son of Poseidon,' an editorial featured in Soon Magazine. Male model Joschke Netz makes for the perfect Greek god. Don't you agree?! These pictures are almost magical!

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Josh Hartnett by Max Vadukul :: Vogue Hommes

Does Josh Hartnett ever take a bad picture? The 'Thirty Days of Night' star poses for world renowned Kenyan photographer Max Vadukul in a editorial featured in Vogue Hommes and the result is mind blowing. Every single take is stunning!! How amazing is that picture above?!

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Chad White for Macy's' Fall/Winter 2007

If you've been anywhere in New York City, you are sure to have seen Chad White skiing and snow boarding his way around the island in those giant billboards for Macy's Fall/Winter 2007 ad campaign. Epic!!

ps. Just a side note: Macy's men shopping helpers are amazing!!! Love you guys!!

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