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For the first time in his life, JP Calderon opens up about his sexuality, his painful past, his promising future and why he thinks Janice Dickinson is the coolest person on the planet. It is all in the latest issue of 'Instinct' magazine. Here is a little somethn' somethn' from the interview:

JP on his original life plans:
“I had decided when I was younger that I was never going to come out. I was planning to get married and have kids, be closeted about it and force myself to be something I knew I wasn’t,”
“I was always the jock. I always got the girls. I was always put in that real ‘masculine’ limelight,”

On what people might think of him:
“I’m a role model for kids. And it’s weird, but what if they see their gay coach in a Speedo or whatever and he’s doing this gay magazine..? What are they going to think, you know? Am I going to let them down? What are their parents going to think? And I know I shouldn’t care what they think, but I do. I might be the one who is making this a bigger deal than anybody else, but I’m just really self-conscious. I’ve never been more vulnerable or self-conscious in my life.”

On his dad:
“My dad represented the machismo, the whole Latino man’s man culture. As a kid, everything I liked was…wrong…in his eyes. He thought modeling and TV and entertainment were…”

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