Daniel Craig is a Disturbingly Hot Bond

British actor Daniel Craig, who recently topped the list of best dressed men in a poll conducted by British GQ Magazine, should certainly be named the best undressed man as well. In these 'James Bond: Casino Royale,' behind the scenes images, Daniel gives away all of the reasons we are so crazy obsessed with him. His fully packed trunks, both front and back, his delicious upper body, the strong soccer legs, and his ubersexual facial features make him my number one. If only I could tap that ass...

Daniel is currently working on numerous projects, including 'His Dark Material: The Golden Compass' alongside Nicole Kidman and the new James Bond to hit theaters next year. More delicious Daniel Craig after the jump.

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João Baptista said...

Daniel is so HOT

Alberty said...

dude, get ready to fight for him cause he is all mine. lol

Sunday said...

Both of you, bring it. He's mine.

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