Brothers and Sisters: Chad + Kevin no More

ABC's 'Brothers and Sisters' finally brought an end to the dullest gay couple in television. Unlike what I was expecting from Chad and Kevin as boyfriends - you know, sexual escapades, crazy paparazzi pursues after the gay couple and more drama from Chad's fake girlfriend - the couple would never, ever leave their bedroom, where they would have insignificant discussions about their relationship. Would it had not been for all of the half second gay kisses and Kevin's super hot little brother, I would have totally giving up on them a long time ago.

In 'Three Parties,' Chad comes to terms with his sexuality and comes out of the closet via a letter he posts on his website. Kevin, Mr. commitment-phobic, feeling that his relationship with Chad is getting too serious, shows little support to his boyfriend and questions whether they should continue their relationship or not. As a result, Chad and Kevin reach an impasse and Chad breaks it up...but not before giving us some farewell kisses. Lots more pictures in the second part of the post.

Chad will definitely be missed (well, just a little), but I guess that he still has a lot to learn about himself. And Kevin, I just can't wait to see him get sentimentally involved with the senator's brother. Continue reading.

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WickedScorp said...

Zzzzzzzz... I want Scotty back.

The break-up didn't even make sense. I'm out and proud now so I can't be with you. Huh? That's WILL & GRACE territory. Fuck off.

KD said...

Actually it made perfect sense because Kevin is an ass. Plus, now that Chad is out, he needs to go through his "I can fuck who I want" stage. Or what I like to call, puberty...lol. The actor that plays Chad is booked to star on a new show. If it doesn't work, he can always come back.

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