Happy Birthday to Sensitif Magazine

Congrats to Sensitif!! With their April 2007 issue, the monthly French gay magazine celebrates its first anniversary along side French actor and dancer Benoit Marechal, who appears on the cover. In this issue you will find an editorial by photographer Fred Goudon, in which he showcases some of his most stunning male models in various locations around the world, including super hottie Brice, who was Sensitif cover boy for the month of January. Download your free copy HERE.

Source :: A Cause des Garcons


João Baptista said...

Marvelous fotos

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

I live in paris and I hope this magazine won't last ... it is cheap, the content is ridiculous and every single issue is Fred Goudon ! The last cover is so sad ... If it was even 10 cents no one would buy that !!

Volker said...

I love the photos and it doesn't cost anything to view and read it online! You can even download and save (or not) but that's each person's option.

legsman said...

love the legs

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