Reminiscing :: Week in Review

*Numero-Homme brings us a Liz Collins' editorial of supper hottie Tyson.
* Before rehab, Jesse Metcalfe left us with steaming photos for OK.
*Daniel Craig is kindda cold yet so hot. Love him in these promo pictures.
*Aussie star and former Australian Idol runner up Anthony Callea is gay.
*Ian Thorpe: “I became a gay icon when I was 15."
*JDMA's Dominic Figlio and JP Calderon rocked the 2(x)ist fashion show.
*C. Ronaldo takes a Ricky Martin style down time in nothing but undies.
*Andrew Christian's postcard for their summer swimwear line is HOT.
*Jared Padalecki looks supernaturally hot in a recent episode of his show.
*Mario Lopez has the hottest body in Hollywood and the steamiest ass!!
*From viagra concentrate, DNA's new issue even makes your hair hard.
*Josh Hartnett looks brazilliant in these black and whites.
*At 'Work Out's' premiere party, Jesse and Brian make out like lovers.
*Evandro Soldati looks so raw and sexual for Armani.
*R. Reynolds, James Franco and Josh Hartnett's sinister crimes.
*Camilla Akrans: Personal Best. Stunning photography!!
*Mr. World 2007 candidates prove their strength and mental agility. Yum!
*Gerard Butler's intensive pre '300' workout payed off big time.
*Maroon 5 return to the music scene sounding even yummier than before.

*Mr Spain, Juan Garcia, scooped the prestigious title of Mr World 2007.
*Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson, couldn't look any gayer together.
*Behind the scene at Vilain Garcon's latest photo shoot. Hot, hot, hot!
*Adrian lips and the chisel features are what I call uber-McDreamy!!
*Vanity Fair pairs up two giants, Leonardo DiCaprio and Knut.
*Camilla Akrans' 'Performance,' simply fascinating.
*Numero-Homme brings us a Liz Collins' editorial of supper hottie Tyson.
*The male version of Naomi Campbell at Numero Homme #13.
*Movie: 'Love and Other Disasters,' hilarious and packed with hotties.
*Rufskin joines the porn star mania with the addition of Johnny Hazzard.
*Diogo Provin: behind the scenes video of his photo shoot for 'The Boy'
*Get your hands on America's bravest with the 'America's Heroes.'
*Fashion 156 is down packed with hotties. Can't wait for more.
*Up Street carries Lionel Guyou's stunning editorial, "All in White."


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design by Dwayne Hunter