Aussiebum Wonderjock Available this Week

Goddamn, it does work!!! I personally thought Aussiebum's hottest model, the one found in these ads, was as perfect as a human being can physically get, but I was wrong. The wonderjock definitely makes a huge difference and with those on, he is infinitely hotter. What a package!!! By the way, click on the image to enlarge: the blue wonderjock is see through!!!

Aussiebum's Wonderjock Classic range is hitting stores this week and will be available in a variety of colors, including Black, Red, Ice Blue, Navy and Red. The storm series and three brand new styles in a square leg hipster range will be available soon after.

"There's not strings rings or padding. It's 100% you. It's your life so why not enjoy it this summer."

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João Baptista said...

Amazing package

avi said...

bigger dicks are good cuz why? oh, now i remember.

Anonymous said...

De hecho los hombres sin enseñar nada. Y solo dejando a la luz el bulto de sus penes es mucho mas eritico que cualquier hombre desnudo del todo...ROCCO

boredwell said...

but when he strips down in front of a guy he picks up on the beach...the what

Alberty said...

...then the guy he picks up is gonna say, "good, you're wearing them too, was afraid you would be disappointed." And they would bang each other endlessly. The end.

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