The Boy :: Fernando Sippel :: Part I

Twenty one year old Fernando Sippel, an ex-handball player from Porto Alegre, is the new face at Terra's 'The Boy.' The stud, who began his modeling career at 18 after fracturing his leg during handball practice, has already worked for names such as Dolce and Gabbana.

Though 'straight,' who knows and you might have a chance to get your way with him being that he is single. Wow, he is the first Terra Boy in a while without a chick!!! Yay!!! More after the jump.

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Image Source :: The Boy and Cisoto Fotos


Dave said...

WOW, Fernando has it all! His muscles covered with the perfect amount of fur is just beautiful. That last photo makes my knees buckle!

about a boy said...

i love a man with glasses. hubba hubba.

Alberty said...

I love a man with sexy glasses too. Especially if he is half naked. lol. But have to say that he doesn't fall under the hottest Terra Boys. He is quite average...though I love his abs...yum!!!

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