The Boy :: Fernando Sippel :: Part II

You would think that anyone with a body like Fernando Sippel would be bold and upfront, but according to the stud, his biggest flaw is that he is uber shy. Cute but hard to believe when looking at these half naked pictures of him!!! I'm hypnotized by his abs. More.

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Image Source :: The Boy and Cisoto Fotos


Dave said...

This guy is about as HOT as a man can possibly be! His body is perfection, especially with the right amount of fur on that awesome chest & tummy. The first and last photos, as well as the one where he's looking down (with glasses on) at his beautiful manscape just peeking over his jeans are making my monitor smoke! Thanks for this incredible post!

about a boy said...

this man with glasses makes me want to make multiple passes.

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