Mr. Croatia :: Alen Kostelac

Twenty one year old student and professional volleyball player, Alen Kostelac, from the city of Sisak, was crowned Mr. Croatia in a pageant that took place in Zagreb, Croatia's capital city. Lov'im!!!

Said Kostelac: "I primarily feel very tired. The competition was so strong that nobody could say for certain who will be Mr Croatia – Alen told us. Since I won the title, I will model primarily for financial reasons – the 21-year-old student from Sisak said." More.

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João Baptista said...

Yummy I´ve got to go to Croatia

Anonymous said...

better stay away, gays not welcomed in balkans.

Ana said...

thats right!!gays keep urslef in a gayland, and dont come near balkans. thank you. we like to keep our men literally straight.

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