Reichen Lehmkuhl :: Titanium Jewelry Line

Openly gay actor, model, reality show winner and pilot, Reichen Lehmkuhl, showcases his very own titanium jewelry collection for men over at LoveandPride.com. The website reads, “Inspired by Reichen’s love of flight, these distinctive designs take off from such aviation motifs as wings and propellers, made of strong yet lightweight titanium: the same material used to build aircrafts.”

In some of these photographs Reichen appears along side his oh so HOT boyfriend and personal trainer Ryan Barry. A couple made in gay heaven!

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kevin said...

I did a post on this too. He is hot. Anwyas, I was wondering if you would like to blogroll each other. Have a great day.




João Baptista said...

grat guy and beautiful fotos

AJ said...

Beautiful pics of a perfect guy. Hes amazing.

Btw, as far as I know Reichens bf is Lance Bass from Nsync...unless they broke up and I didnt got the news....

Alberty said...

Dude, they've been broken up for ever. You're at least a few months behind on gossip...lol. He is now dating that guy on the pictures.

Jackie said...

I found who carries this line of titanium jewelry. I picked up a few of the awesome titanium rings from this collection!

Entrepreneur said...

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