'$30' :: Excellent Gay Short

Part I

Part II

A film by Gregory Cooke, '$30' stands on the top of my favorite gay shorts. The idea behind the film proves refreshing and though it deals with very familiar themes, the ending product is satisfactorily unique. The story focuses on Scott, an unexperienced boy whose 18th birthday, arranged by his dad, turns out to be more than special. LOVES IT! Part II after the Jump.

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Anonymous said...

This is definitely a fun, sweet film! I saw it several years ago at the San Francisco Film Festival, and it was one of the better shorts! The ending is most sweet and memorable, but I wish things could've been expanded on that from there. The participation of Sara Gilbert (Emily) and her wonderful talent is also a big plus!

Anonymous said...

that guy was in a kids tv show called salute your shorts on nickelodeon.

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