'Getting to Know You' :: Gay Short

A coming of age short, 'Getting to Know You' focuses on the life of an outcast, his chicken and his unexpected friendship with one of the 'in' kids in town (middle of no where). Though it starts slow, the movie soon moves to the weird, then to the OMG WTF, to the dude you got issues, to the super HOT, to the I need to do the dirty dirty while watching this scene, to the highly disturbing. Lol Warning: not meant for the easily disturbed.

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Matt said...

This is actually the movie "The Mudge Boy" and was filmed as a feature length movie. Not sure why you think it's a short called "Getting to Know You."


Anonymous said...

i find it odd that someone would make a short version of a full length movie or maybe this came before the movie?

Anonymous said...

That was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life...ever. Even worse than when I watched a fiery accident where three children and a mom died. At least I got hard over the accident though...this was just weird. In fact I may now, at this moment in time, have a vagina. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

omg this is so scary wonder y his outcast
but did he and that guy had sex? or having sex?

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