Luke and Noah :: Second Kiss Aftermath

After yesterday's episode, in which Noah's dad catches Luke and Noah (Nuke) sucking faces, I was left under the impression that the world as we know it was sure to collapse. I was expecting some ass kicking and even some f-bombs, but the dad's reaction was just not soap opera dramatic enough. But I smell something fishy though...I'm thinking the dad my try to eliminate Luke after all...

But concentrating on the positive, Nuke are just too cute together. The whole kissing scene was simply amazing. The way they touched and looked at each other, awwwww, so romantic! Can't wait for them to be in a relationship status.

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Alfred said...

OMG..... they r so fucking cute!!!!! And finally they kiss when they r both out to each other. It's so funny to see a Colonel walking around campuses or TV stations doing nothing but to peeve on his son!

BG said...

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MySpace Addons said...

Very cute kiss ;)

Anonymous said...

If Colonel @sshole tries to kill Luke, he'll end up killing or seriously hurting his own son most likely.

Noah will be at Luke's and the Colonel will accidentally hurt or kill his own son. Then he'll go off to jail or kill himself from the guilt.

What a f*ckin' freak!

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