Milo Ventimiglia Does Prestige Hong Kong October 2007

Heroes' stud Milo Ventimiglia is everywhere these days- shirtless scenes in the new season of Heroes and fashion spread for Best Life magazine just to mention a couple - yet I can't have enough. A lot of a good thing is awesome but when it comes to Milo, it's even better!!!

The October 2007 issue of Prestige Hong Kong interviews the star on the Heroes phenomenon, his school days, career and upcoming projects. Can Milo save the world?

The cover is so hot its making my balls feel as if there is a 4th of July type celebration going on in them... And they just combusted, lol.


Anonymous said...

He still is and always will be Jesse from the Gilmore Girls who can't sleep unless he has the Ramones blasting on the stereo.

Alberty said...

hahahahahahaha! I hear that!

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