Tom Ford Naked for 'Out' Magazine

Fashion designer Tom Ford takes the November 2007 issue of Out magazine by storm in an editorial by photographer Terry Richardson. In the spread, Tom i s featured in a boxing scene in which he plays Mr. 'Do it all' - the one who calls the shots, makes the rules and then breaks them.

Excerpts from Tom's interview:

“I don’t think gay is the most attractive word; if I were art-directing the creation of a word that would describe homosexuals, I think I might have tried to find another one. Gay makes us sound silly and frivolous, which is probably where it came from originally – it was first used in a Cole Porter song in the ‘30’s – and I think it was probably a bit derogatory , and so it’s not a word I necessarily like, but it’s what I am, whatever.”

“I have a lot of gay friends, but I’d say my closest friends who are male are straight, and I don’t know why that is…maybe because I always get crushes on them.”


spiffy said...

So weird to see him actually having some expressive emotions on his face instead of that signature come-hither sly smile... Somehow I was hoping he'd be a tad beefier under all those expensive clothes.

I don't remember where I read an interview which he flirted shamelessly with the male interviewer, and wanted to invite the guy back to his place to conduct the chat naked and everything...

He's still a hot mofo though.

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design by Dwayne Hunter