Genetic Freak :: Landon Lueck

Landon Lueck, an MTV reality hottie, best known for his participation in "The Real World: Philadelphia," is the inspiration for my wetdreams tonight. His enticing smile and stunning body are a transcendent turn on. To see much more of Landon, visit his official site or his myspace. Totally worth it!! Grrrr!!

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MTV's The Duel Finale

Image source: Guytvblog
As I predicted it, this season winner of MTV's The Duel is no other than cockiness (reason I love him) himself, Wes!!! At the extreme final competition, Wes kicked Brad's ass and won an amazing 150 thousand dollars. Score!! Sucks that he has decided to quit reality tv ;(
Semi naked CT :: Love Them Boys in Brazilian Speedos :: CT and Wes Muscled Up

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Chad White :: Diesel's 'Global Warming'

Image Source: Kenneth in the 212
Diesel's high temperatures have reached the epic presidential sculpture at Mount Rushmore; 'Global Warming' is at its highest. Chad White, however, appears to enjoy the drastic climate change as he lays on the beach, which half covers the presidential monument. Love the campaign!!! Diesel: Behind Global Warming

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Sandro Bross :: Photographer

With only a year of pursuing his passion, Sandro Bross, a Swiss ex-hairstylist, has managed to put together a striking portfolio and achieve a solid reputation in the world of commercial photography. Just as the rest of the world, you will find his work mouthwatering.

The beautiful models and sexual undertone found in Sandro's photography are sure to make you fantasize and leave you craving for more.

Source: Beautiful

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Jake Gyllenhaal Does GQ Magazine

Just days after his hilarious performance at Saturday Night Live, Jake Gyllenhaal has landed on the cover of GQ's February issue and I bet you are loving it. Jakes sudden return to the spotlight is in promotion of his upcoming movie "Zodiac," directed by one of my favorites, David Fincher, whom you know from "Seven" and "Fight Club".

Image Source: JJ

"Zodiac" is a slightly fictionalized account of the 1970's San Francisco Bay Area serial killer, Zodiac. In it, Jake plays Robert Graysmith, the journalist and author of the books, "Zodiac," upon which the film is based.

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Vintage Tom

Tom Cruise used to be such a hottie. The eye candy images are from Tom's 1992 movie, 'Far and Away,' in which he plays an Irish immigrants seeking fortune in 1890s America. A must see!

Baby got back!!! Now is time to go on wetdream Cruise controlled.

Image Source

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Roman Priest Calendar 2007

Forgive me father for I am lusting over you! Get ready for the ride, because the 2007 'Roman Priest Calendar,' which features some of the most handsome (questionable) Catholic priests today posing in front of Vatican churches, will take you straight to heaven.

Well, at least that is what the calender appears to do since it has completely sold out. Obviously there is nothing sacred about it!!! Btw, does anyone know where I can find the top left priest (above)? I suddenly urge confession and can't wait to get on my knees!!

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A.. Rod is Pure Aussieliciousness

No one plays with his yellow balls as well as my Andy Roddick!! The man is a sex machine on the tennis court. Here we have him at practice on an outside court in Melbourne for day two of the Australian Open just early this week. I'm loving the body!!

Image source

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T.R Knight Speaks Out

Today on Ellen, T.R. Knight finally set the record straight on what really happened on the set of 'Grey's Anatomy' back in early October. Just a day after Isaiah Washington denied ever using the word 'faggot' in his argument with Patrick Dempsey and claimed to "love gays", T.R says otherwise. I feel sorry for what is to come for Isaiah now that the truth is known.

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Web Hoppin': Listen to Lots of Free Music, Urinals that Make Us Behave, Cocaine in your Pocket, and More...

**iJigg is the place for you to find those rare addicting tunes from little artists. As an iJigg member, you can submit music, rate music and chime in on conversations. A great procrastination tool!

**It is funny to think that Viagra, penicillium, potato chips among other major discoveries happened by accident. But do you know what is even funnier? To learn how they happened. Here is a list of the top ten best accidental discoveries and their 411.

**Cocaine contaminates Irish euros!! Scientists in the Republic of Ireland have found traces of cocaine on all the banknotes they tested. Awesome!! Forget direct deposit or checks, I want my money in cash!!!

**Urinals in the airport in Amsterdam with a fly etched into the bowl passes inspection test. The fly gives men something to think about and aim at while peeing, which reduces spillage by 80 percent.

Apple makes Stephen Colbert "flaccid with rage". Find out why in his latest technology review:

**The dot is Earth seen from 4 billion miles away, photographed by Voyager 1 on June 6, 1990. The image just makes us seem so vulnerable and insignificant. You should totally read Carl Sagan's opinion on the image HERE...so profound.

**This is definitely weird, so if you are easily offended don't visit the link. Here you will find images of celebrity partial face transplants, which I personally think are pretty cool (I just like the photoshop skills).

**As 2007 swings into gear, there's no better time to give your body a healthy, fresh start than now! Add these 10 foods to your grocery cart and you'll get three terrific benefits.

You gotta love Sacha Baron Cohen's Golden Globe speech!

**Find out if you suffer form color vision deficiency or color blindness. You might be surprised by the results. Take the color vision test.

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A Skin Deep Playstation

Playstation is finally trying to redeem itself. Early last summer, the video game franchise issued a series of ads to promote its brand new PSP White, which were censured as demeaning and racist. In these ads, a white woman is portrayed as bullying a black woman (below).

In a most recent ad, however, Playstation changes things around by implying that their White PSP is actually black in the inside. A smarter move, but I still don't like them.

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Matthew McConaughey Drops It Like It's Hot

Matthew McConaughey, the number one celebrity partier according to every single study on Hollywood's dysfunctionals, is caught in his natural habitat, this time however, far from the usual. With none of his conventional male companions or boy-friends in sight to cock block, Matthew is victim of dance floor rape by some random chick. I hate her!

image source

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Gai News: Isaiah Washington Wanted to be Gay?

"I love gay. I wanted to be gay ... Please let me be gay," said 'Grey's Anatomy' star Isaiah Washington at last night's Golden Globes red carpet. His comments came as a surprise to many since this past October Isaiah was accused of allegedly gay bashing his costar T.R Knight while in the middle of an argument with Patrick Dempsey. As we all know, the incident pushed T.R. Knight to assume his homosexuality, which I guess is the only positive outcome of the whole ordeal.

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Enrique Iglesias Flaunts It

In these images, Enrique Iglesias, who for the past few months has been tripping the world on his 'For The Fans' exclusive club tour, shows us why he is one of our favorite Latin hunks. Love everything about him, especially that he loves getting wet!

Image Source

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Alejandro Sanz :: Te lo Agradezco Pero No

Un video de puta madre!!!! Alejandro Sanz and Shakira have once again join forces to create a smashing hit. This time is for Alejandro's latest single, 'Te lo Agradezco Pero No' (Thanks, but no Thanks), from his most recent album, El Tren de los Momentos. Love them.

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Must Go Celebrity Styles

One of the reasons I'm excited about David Beckham coming to the US, is that he might inspire Hollywood celebrities to better their fashion sense. Seriously, it is time to let go of some of these trends or at least give them a break.

Some celebs have completely O.D. on the jewelry, the hats, the t-shirt underneath a blazer, the bandana, and the homeless look. It is totally cool to mix and match these looks, but not as often as some of these guys do. Nick Lachey and the blazer, for instance, just gotta go. All I'm asking is for more high fashion!


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Dolce and Gabbana's Fall/Winter 07/08

Though it might appear as if MTV's the Moon Man has landed on the runway, that's not exactly the case. Dolce and Gabbana's Fall/Winter 07/08 fashion shown is just inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 1968 innovative film, '2001: A Space Odyssey,' which deals with futuristic space travel.

In the runway, Dolce and Gabbana reproduces the elegance, perfection and sleekness (not to mention the space suits) found in Kubrick film to illustrate the confident, strong and independent men that ought to wear this collection.

Among the colors prominent in the collection, you will find the metallic ones, including mercury, bronze, brass, copper, gold and silver. You will also find a lot of black, camel, and a variety of grays. Basically, the same colors used by aliens in Mars.

Below, you will find a couple of backstage images from the show. They prove D&G models are actually human.

Press play and watch the show:

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A Gay Jason Lewis in Brothers and Sisters

ABC's 'Brothers and Sisters' has put an end to our Kevin/Scotty withdrawal with the addition of a new, more complex hottie to the series. Absolute Hunk" Jason Lewis, whom you have to remember from 'Sex and the City', has joined the Sunday night drama as Chad Berry, a gay/bisexual/confused/closeted (not sure which one or which ones) soap-opera actor who meets Matthew Rhys' character Kevin, while undergoing a rigorous "boot camp" style training at a gym. Sweaty and hot!!!

Soon after, Chad and Kevin are exchanging presents, synchronizing workout schedules, and going on dates. However, in between the fun, Kevin learns that Chad has a girlfriend, which makes Chad's intentions a little confusing. But this doesn't stop them from kissing and shagging up. I love it.

On a side note, this morning I received and email from a 'friend' that read: "You should watch last night's Brothers and Sisters...one of the new characters, played by Samantha's absolute hunk, seems to be based on you...Like you, the guy flirts his way into this other guy's life, invites him places, buys him shit and treats him like a boyfriend would. But unlike you, he kisses the guy and has sex with him...Thought you might learn from him". I replied, "...Sorry for trying to be a good friend..."

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