Wentworth Miller in L'Officiel Hommes Magazine

Wentworth Miller graces the cover of French fashion magazine, 'L’Officiel Hommes,' the "Cool Issue ." Isn't he cool?!!

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Obsessing Over JP Calderon

Though we all know by now that ex-Survival contestant turned male model, JP Calderon, is gay, he is yet to officially accept his homosexuality on the 'Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency' show. In the last episode we were left with a not so happy JP after Janice questioned his sexuality. Though the outcome is pretty obvious since JP is the cover boy for the February issue of Instinct Magazine, I can't wait to see the rest of their conversation. It is the Janice's show after all, so I am expecting a major cat fight.

This January 31 not only will we see what goes down between JP and Janice, but also catch a behind the scenes of JP's photo shoot with Instinct. Sure to be hot (I mean, the dude is packing!!!). Continue reading: Hot underwear pictures of JP

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Nylon Magazine :: Ewan McGregor

His piercing blue eyes hardened in determination, the buzz-cut red hair and an expression that seem to define the mood of a generation...Ewan McGregor is simple an icon (or so I think) of our time. In his comprehensive interview with Nylon, Ewan doesn't hold back on anything: his career, motivation, old drinking problems and all of that good stuff. You can download the magazine for free via: Nylon's Myspace.

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Calendario Cosmo Latin America

Similarly to Cosmo Spain, Cosmopolitan Latin America carries out a massive competition in search for the twelve most sizzling Latino men to appear in the Cosmo Men Calendar. This year, Cosmo presents the winners through Cosmo Television, which features a new winner every month.

Each video highlights the making of the calendar for the model representing that specific month. Bernabé Labaronni, from Argentina, is Cosmo January and the first to be exposed. Watch the video Here!
Images in this post are from last year's calendar.
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Prince David Beckham Endorses Disney

International soccer star, marketing giant, fashion icon and love of my life, David Beckham, plays the prince from 'Sleeping Beauty' in the latest Walt Disney Co. campaign, 'Year of a Million Dreams', meant to promote Disney's theme parks. In the ads, David appears astride a white horse fighting a fire-breathing dragon (which is the only obstacle separating him from me!!!).

These pictures were taken last month just outside Madrid, Spain by the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz.
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DNA 85: Mardi Gras 07

Are you turned on by these images from the latest issue of DNA magazine? I'm not! Actually, I am a bit disappointed. The cover image is unexceptional and the other three don't meet the standard of hotness DNA has us used to. The models are cute, but what happened to the McSteamies? Hope that there is much more inside than meets the eye.

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'Brothers and Sisters': Kevin and Chad At It Again

On the one hand, Chad has a girlfriend, says he is not gay, and would never want to be labeled as one since it would be the end to his acting career. On the other, Kevin is not comfortable being closeted, wants a defined relationship, and has told his whole family of his sexual encounters with Chad behind Chad's back. Does it get any juicier and dysfunctional than this?

I love it, especially since Chad and Kevin look so good together. And guess what, rumor has it that Scotty will be coming back to the show. Can't wait to see what happens!!

The images are from 'Brothers and Sisters' last episode, "Something Ida This Way Comes," in which gay issues from the political to the sexual were discussed. A must see!!! The video is of the first kiss between Kevin and the ultimate hunk.
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Smallville's Gay Justice League

The underlying theme of Smallville's last episode, 'Justice League,' was gayer than Robbie Williams's 'She is Madonna' video. Yes, that gay!! The hot men complementing each other's superpowers and skills, the endless flirting and sexy stares at each other's eyes, and the homo-erotic jokes, made for the hottest Smallville episode yet.

Did I mention that my Aquaman showcased his I-want-it-now chiseled body again?!!! Just thinking about it turns me on. In a conversation with Cyborg, Aquaman says, "I swim faster when I'm naked...you are lucky I still have my pants on (exchange of smiles and stares)." Sexy!

Below, a couple of pictures of Alan Ritchson, just cause I have the biggest crush on him.

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Press play and watch the best 9 minutes of the show:

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Santiago Cabrera as Isaac in "Heroes"

Isaac Mendez, whom we know as the heroin-addict artist from the NBC drama "Heroes," whose dark, violent and apocalyptic paintings are actual premonitions of future events, has not only returned to the second season completely rehabilitated (or so he says), but also a lot more reveling. Didn't you love the last episode?

On Monday's episode, Isaac, who is played by Chilean actor Santiago Cabrera, displayed his not so muscular yet sexy torso. The wet hair and the nakedness was so arousing. I love men with superpowers!
Milo Ventimiglia Poses :: Ventimiglia Does Flaunt Magazine

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Mr Brazil 2007 :: Lucas Gil

Stunningly beautiful Lucas Gil from PARÁ, a Brazilian north state, is the winner of this year's Mister Brasil Mundo (Mr. Brazil 2007). Be afraid Mr. rest of the world, Lucas is tough competition.

The contest, which is the first celebrated in the past three years, took place on January 16 and featured drop dead gorgeous men from 22 different federal states in the country. The participants were judged based on fashion, physical and mental skills, personality, social responsibility and of course, looks. So yeah, Lucas is perfect!
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Isaiah Washington Goes to Rehab

After talks with ABC executives on Friday and gay rights activists this Monday, 'Grey's Anatomy' star Isaiah Washington, has reportedly entered rehab this morning in a final attempt to mitigate all the bad press surrounding his use of a homophobic slur against costar T.R Night. In a statement today, Washington says he has begun a psychological assessment since he finds it a "necessary step toward understanding why I did what I did and making sure it never happens again." The actor has also agreed to help educate the public about the cruelty of such language. By undergoing counseling Isaiah also hopes to keep his job at the ABC hit show, since in a statement issued on Friday, Disney executives said that they are mulling the future of the actor.

Though I believe in second chances, Isaiah took it a little too far for which he should be fired, unless given an ultra flaming gay role in Grey's Anatomy.
More on the issue:
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NYT article Here.
News flashback:
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Pedro Virgil Does Bent Magazine

Australian based photographer Pedro Virgil loves spoiling us and we hold him dearly for it. How not to remember the Australian Naked Rugby League calendar he brought to us this past November? Well, Pedro has done it again, this time with a photo spread for the latest issue of Bent Magazine. In the spread, he captures the best of stunning male model Matt Green.
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Cosmopolitan Spain 2007 Calendar

Get your hands on Cosmopolitan Spain's 2007 free calendar. After carrying out a national search for the hottest and most talented men, in which over a thousand Spaniards participated, Cosmo selected the 12 most charismatics for their 2007 calendar. The models couldn't be any more beautiful.

The photography was done by talented Carlos Peregrin who gave the calendar a fun and colorful angel. In a different note, I want a date with Mr. November. Isn't he hot?!!

Source: Parisian Boys

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Justin Chambers in The View...and More

It is about time Justin Chambers gets the attention he deserves. Not only is Justin being exposed a lot more out side of 'Grey's Anatomy', but his character Alex is also been explored beyond the already predictable pomposity. Yesterday for instance, Justin appeared in 'The View', where he talked about his wife and kids, his career as a model, his role in Grey’s Anatomy and his feelings towards the controversy surrounding co star Isaiah Washington. Watch interview below.

In the show, Justin's role is getting a lot more complex. Alex is falling for Addison, who is McDreamy and McSteamy ex, while under the supervision of McSteamy, who appears to still have feelings for Addison. McSteamy doesn't like Alex, but being that Alex wants to participate in McSteamy's operations, he needs to be nice to him and hide the fact that he is falling for Addison. Are you following? The point is that we will see much more of Alex and that's all that matters.

For more Justin Chambers visit: Justin Chambers As Alex. Now press play and enjoy the video:

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James Franklin :: Photographer

LA based lifestyle & fitness photographer, James Franklin, sure knows how to pick his models. I am utterly enticed by all the hotness.

Artistically speaking, I am not a big fan of his work, but I love his obsession with genetic freaks. I bet you do too.

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