Reminiscing :: Week in Review

*The LG PRADA ke850, is the iPhone's number one competition.
*Harry Potter is just a tan away from being hot!
*Video trip: Bye bye drugs! One more reason to hate public toilets.
*More attractive than my Heath Ledger? A naked Heath Ledger!!
*M Pokora's steaming photo album.
*The hottest ASS you will ever see!!
*Video Trip: Stephen Colbert picks on LOGO and Gay Sheep.
*Mr World 2007 is yet to happen, but here are the winners.
*iPod shuffles his colors. Orange is the new black!
*JP Calderon comes out BiG with Instinct magazine.
*Photoshoped JT is my ideal man, well, kindda.
*I envy Patrick Dempsey's Actor statuette as it hangs between his legs.
*DSquared's SS 2007 ad campaign requires way too much imagination.
*Video of HOT Brazilian brothers.
*Josh Duhamel is naked. Love me some of that!
*Mr World Chile takes it off in a hot new calendar.
*Ubersexual action hero gets outed!!

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'Dirt' Outs Jack Dawson

Ubersexual action hero, Jack Dawson, played by Grant Show, gets outed by 'Dirt' magazine in episode 5 of the FX series. If you haven't watch the episode yet, I would suggest you do since Jack gets down, dirty, and naked through out the whole of it. While watching you wont stop thinking of 'Smack That' by Akon: "Smack that, all on the floor, smack that, give me some more, smack that, till you get soar..." lol.

So here is the break down: Jack is dating Will, who is the brother of 'Dirt' magazine's editor. Will catches Jack getting a blow job (see pics) from his trainer and to retaliate tells his sister to out him in her magazine. Action, sex and homos all in one: hot!!!

Image Source

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Mr World Chile Sizzling Calendar

A few days ago I suggested Mr. World Chile 2007, Pato Laguna, to issue his own XXX calendar since he certainly has the goods. Who knew, he was a step ahead of me!!! His not so pornographic, yet sizzling 2007 calendar is available for free at his personal website (where you can also find his phone number, lol). I'm definitely not missing Mr. World this year!

Gracias a Emiciones Nocturnas por la sugerencia. Tio, estabas perdido.

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The Daily Show's take on 'Laguna Beach'

If you think MTV's 'Laguna Beach' is the shit (literally), this is why:

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Video Trip :: Steaming Brazilian Brothers

Behind the scenes of Flavio and Gustavo Mendonca's making of 'The Boy'. Remember their hot photoshoot?

Source: Cisoto Fotos

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One more Cause He is Hot

I'm sure my obsession over JP is quite obvious, but he does deserve the attention. With that body, who wouldn't?! Continue reading JP Does Instinct Magazine.

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Will Chalker Does Dsquared SS 07

If you use your imagination just a little, DSquared's SS 2007 ad campaign can be quite arousing. Just look past the distasteful clothes and picture yourself alone with a naked Will Chalker. Hot, huh? To spice it up a little, you can always leave female model Karen Elson as an audience. So yeah, these ads don't really do it for me.
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Image source: Because of the Boys

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Paulina is my Madonna

All of you love Madonna, all of you love Kylie Minogue, but I love Paulina Rubio. Don't get me wrong, I like them too, but Paulina is just my Biatch. This is her new video: 'Nada Puede Cambiarme.'

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Attitude Strips and Radar Intoxicates

*Radar Magazine gives us a list of the most Toxic Celebrity Bachelors in town, including Joe Franci, Jeremy Piven, Moby and Colin Farrell, and a scoop of some of their most interesting sex stories.
*Attitude gives us naked McFly. Love it!

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Quote of the Day

"To get back my youth I would do anything in the world, except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable." (Oscar Wilde)

Shame we never met, we would have gotten alone so well.

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Patrick Dempsey Holds His Big Statutette

I envy Patrick Dempsey's Actor statuette. Doesn't it look cozy in his arms and in between his legs?! Patrick looked stunning at the 13th Annual SAG Awards as he held his statuette for "Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series." I want me a piece of that!!!

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JT's 'What Goes Around' Trailer

I love it!! Here is a teaser for Justin's upcoming 'What Goes Around' video from his FutureSex/LoveSound record. Watch it HERE!

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Justin Timberlake is a Sexy Biatch

How can I not fall in love with photoshoped Justin when he looks so fine?!! Some retouching here and there and he is beyond ideal.

Music! Movies! Gift-wrapped manhoods! On the eve of the Grammys, EW gets serious and silly with Justin Timberlake, the boy-band graduate who has turned out to be the real deal.

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JP Calderon :: Survival of the Fittest

For the first time in his life, JP Calderon opens up about his sexuality, his painful past, his promising future and why he thinks Janice Dickinson is the coolest person on the planet. It is all in the latest issue of 'Instinct' magazine. Here is a little somethn' somethn' from the interview:

JP on his original life plans:
“I had decided when I was younger that I was never going to come out. I was planning to get married and have kids, be closeted about it and force myself to be something I knew I wasn’t,”
“I was always the jock. I always got the girls. I was always put in that real ‘masculine’ limelight,”

On what people might think of him:
“I’m a role model for kids. And it’s weird, but what if they see their gay coach in a Speedo or whatever and he’s doing this gay magazine..? What are they going to think, you know? Am I going to let them down? What are their parents going to think? And I know I shouldn’t care what they think, but I do. I might be the one who is making this a bigger deal than anybody else, but I’m just really self-conscious. I’ve never been more vulnerable or self-conscious in my life.”

On his dad:
“My dad represented the machismo, the whole Latino man’s man culture. As a kid, everything I liked was…wrong…in his eyes. He thought modeling and TV and entertainment were…”

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Video Trip :: Stephen Colbert on Gay Sheep

Though I still find it really funny, Stephen Colbert might just go a little too far with, 'The Black Sheep,' a joke on gay animals. And this is 'The Word':
(There is a 20 sec intro).

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iCrave :: Colored iPod Shuffles

Just yesterday, Apple added color to the Shuffle line of iPods. Having previously been available only in silver, the Shuffle now also comes in pink, green, blue, and orange. Price and capacity remain unchanged at $79 for 1GB, however, the earphones have been upgraded to the improved model Apple started including in other new iPods a few months ago.

They look so cute, yet I am still not convinced. Being the control freak that I am, shuffled music doesn't quite do it for me. But still, they're so tiny and gay that I might as well get a friend to buy me one.
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Mr World 07 Yet to Happen, But the Winners Are:

Even though Mr. World 2007 is yet to happen, from the current list of participants, Mr. Brazil, of whom I wrote just a few days ago, and Mr. Egypt (above), should without a doubt share first place. If they don't, you and I should completely boycott the competition. That said, the rest of participants, well, at least the ones presently listed in the Mr World 2007 official site, should forget about competing because they are just not hot enough.

Since winning should be out of the question for these guys, here are some suggestions of what they should do instead of wasting their time at Mr. World: 1.Mr. Chile, 2.Mr. Greece, 3.Mr. England, and 4. Mr. Guadeloupe should become strippers and issue their own XXX calendar. Don't you agree?!

Mr. Spain (below left), would do great as a porn star. He already has the sweat going for him. I would certainly buy all of his videos.
Mr. Malta (center), with his A&F looks, should give me a booty call. Love the abs!!
Mr. Puerto Rico (right), should just cut his hair and then I'll think about what he should do with his life.

This year, for the very first time, Mr World, will take place in Sanya, the tropical gateway to China. A record 80 countries are competing in the search to find the world’s most desirable man. The show will be broadcast worldwide and for the first time viewers will be involved in the judging process. Stay tune!

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Video Trip

Is Wikipedia making reality a commodity? You tell them Colbert!!!

101 reasons I hate Microsoft summarized by one pop-up window.

I want to do it too!! Doesn't this look like fun?!!

Stephen Colbert on LOGO's Gay Podcasts (skip to 01:33):

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M Pokora :: 'And I Remember'

French pop and R&B singer, M Pokora, whom you might remember from his 'It's Alright' twosome with Ricky Martin early last year, recently released a compilation of personal photographs and notes entitled 'And I Remember.' Many of the images immortalize MP in some of the most intimate moments of his career, so you know what that means, a lot of ass showing.

Isn't he cute?! I haven't heard much of his music, any suggestions???
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Image Source

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Video Trip

Bye bye drugs! One more reason to hate public toilets.

Genius!! Who is that on the wall?

Just weird! Coca Cola is contagious or something like that...

Can someone explain this one to me?

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Dan Radcliffe's Promotional Images for Equus

Wow, Harry Potter is just a tan away from being hot! Who would have said that little dorky Dan Radcliffe would become a sex symbol.

These are the promotional images for the London's production of Equus, in which Dan portrays the role of Alan Strang, a young man with a pathological fascination with horses. Now that his four pack and hard nipples got our attention, he better deliver!

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iCrave :: LG Prada Phone

LG Electronics and PRADA recently unveiled the LG PRADA ke850, a sophisticated mobile phone with an advanced touch interface similar to Apple's iphone. The elegant cellphone features an extra wide LCD screen, a 2 mega pixel camera, video and mp3 player, document viewing capacity, messaging capabilities and an external memory slot. Sounds like the iPhone got major competition.
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Image source

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Reminiscing :: Week in Review

*'The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency' second season. Hot!
*Red Bull on the Rocks Cliff-Diving World finals. Amazing!
*Leo DiCaprio is the personification of hotness. He's naked!!!
*Emporio Armani's and DSquared2's Fall 07 fashion are here.
*Robbie Williams,' 'She is Modonna' video completely off-the-wall.
*Josh Duhamen flaunts a speedo in the last 'Las Vegas' episode.
*Photographer James Franklin knows how to pick his models.
*It is about time Justin Chambers gets the attention he deserves.
*'Fantastics Magazine' brings us a bucket of eye candy.
*Get your hands on Cosmopolitan Spain's 2007 free calendar.
*Photographer Pedro Virgil loves spoiling us.
*Isaiah Washington goes to gay rehab.
*Actor Santiago Cabrera displays his sexy torso.
*Smallville's 'Justice League' episode gayer than you and me.
*A lot of gayness in 'Brothers and Sisters.' You will love the video!
*Are you turned on by DNA's preview of their latest issue? I'm not!
* David Beckham, plays the prince from 'Sleeping Beauty.' Hot!
*Bernabé Labaronni is Mr. January. Check out his hot body.
*Ewan McGregor is an icon of our time.
*JP Calderon is PACKING!! His pictures speak for themselves.
*Wentworth Miller is the coolest according to French magazine.

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