Justin Timberlake :: 'What Goes Around'

Justin Timberlake's new video, 'What Goes Around, Comes Around,' is off the wall!!! So f*ing awesome! And guess who stars besides Justin and Scarlett Johansson? My crush from the movie 'Borstal Boy,' whom you should also know from 'Alpha Dog' and 'Factory Girl,' Shawn Hatosy. He gets his ass kicked by JT, but still, I love him (even if he is a little overweight).

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Genetic Freaks Pose and Sing

Reggie Bush's GQ Photo shoot. More Reggie HERE!!

Hot half naked frat boys singing!!! Yay!!!

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Men's Health :: Ryan Reynolds is a Turnoff

Ryan Reynolds' photo spread for the March issue of 'Men's Health' magazine is a huge turnoff. After seen all of Ryan's half naked pictures floating around the Internet, who in the world wants to see him with all of those layers of clothes on. Personally, I only like Ry from the neck down, so guess who is not buying the magazine?

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Spiderman III is Almost Here

Here is a sneak peek at Spiderman III. Gosh, over two months for the movie to come out, can't wait any more!!
Watch the trailer HERE.
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BabyBoy 30 :: Is Fashion Racist?

Waste no time! Get your hands on the February issue of BabyBoy Magazine, which as always, is full of goodies. Among the load of articles and photo spreads, you will find an investigation entitled 'Is fashion racist?', which sounds pretty interesting but I need someone to translate, and 'Duty Free', a series of delicious photographs.

Get your free issue of the magazine HERE.
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Robert Downey Jr :: Esquire Magazine

Robert Downey Jr's triumphal return has already began and there is no stopping it! With four upcoming movies this year, including 'Zodiac' along side Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert is sure to regain the respect and admiration from both his fans and the press, which he lost as a result of his drug addiction. It is good to have him back and on the cover of the march issue of Esquire.
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Fantastics Mag :: The Death of Print

'The Death of Print' is Fantastics Mag's new fashion concept. A genius idea backed up by a stunning model and hot fashion. Can't ask for more!!
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No to Vista, Dick out, Nicole's Doll and VA Red!

*One more reason why you should stay away from Vista.
*Andy Dick gets kicked out of the Jimmy Kimmel show for touching Ivanka Trump.

*Nicole Richie has a doll?
*Exclusive look at Virgin America's new in-flight entertainment system, "Red."

For more videos visit: Video Trip. (make sure to scroll down)

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Life Magazine :: James Blunt

The new issue of Life magazine, which will be available this Friday, uncovers an edgier and much more desirable James Blunt. You probably think he is a softy, but guess what?! James is more like an undercover revel, "Everyone thinks I'm this quiet singer-songwriter who stays at home every night. I've never been that person. I'm a big partier."

On song writing:
"I drink a lot. I do. And I go to a quiet place and start writing. I'm not an observer, [songs come from] something I've experienced or felt. The last two years will have a place on the next record."

On fame:
"The notion of fame is such a distraction from what I do. And it's unhealthy when we have things like war and global warming going on. We need to adjust the balance. Stop producing magazines that publish pictures of celebrities jumping out of cars with no underwear on."

On 'You're Beautiful':
"I wrote it in two and a half minutes. I saw an ex-girlfriend on the tube with a new boyfriend and lived a lifetime in those minutes."

On Kosovo:
"At the time, I was very cynical and thought it was just a way to make Tony Blair look good as a statesman. But when I got there, it made sense. It didn't matter what Tony Blair thought--we were trying to save people's lives."

I leave you with 'Good Bye My Lover':

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Sensitif Magazine :: A Rather Warm Winter

Photographer Fred Goudon brings us a rather HOT winter with his latest photo spread for Sensitif magazine. Say 'bonjour' to male model Mathieu, Fred's new inspiration and the magazine's latest talent! As you can see, Mathieu makes the cold seem cozy and those speedos look extra small. Love it! Get your free copy of the magazine HERE!
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Video Trip

*David Beckham's Gillette commercial.
*This clip from this past weekend's Saturday Night Live could not be funnier.

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David and Wife Do the South of France

While Los Angeles is buzzing over the imminent arrival of my David and his wife Victoria Beckham, the glamorous couple have taken time out from house hunting Stateside for a break in the South of France. The pair, who own a house in a small village not far from Nice, jetted into the city's airport on Monday night.

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Fergie ft. Ludacris : 'Glamorous'

Fergie's music has always been of an acquired taste to me and 'Glamorous' is not the exception. But love it or hate it, in a day or two, I'll be rocking the song in my sleep. Press Play:

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Gai News

*Following complains by LGBT civil rights groups, Mars Inc. has pulled its controversial advertising campaign featuring a gay kiss. The commercial, which aired during CBS's Super Bowl this past Sunday, showed two mechanics eating from opposite ends of a Snickers bar and after their mouths touch, ripping out their chest hair in an attempt to "do something manly."
However, in a statement to the New York Times, Alice Nathanson, the spokesperson for Mars, refused to apologize for the campaign or admit they were wrong to show it: "Our goal was to capture the attention of our core Snickers consumer, primarily 18-to-24-year-old adult males...Feedback from our target consumers has been positive, and many media and website commentators on this year’s Super Bowl ranked the commercial among this year’s best."

*A hard-to-treat strain of the virus that causes AIDS has been found in four gay men in King County, Seattle, and authorities fear it could spread to more.

*Pakistanis have embraced a shockingly progressive late night TV show hosted by a drag queen, Begum Nawazish Ali. The drag queen, a glamorous aristocrat widow of an army colonel, has gained notoriety through her risqué monologues and assertive interaction with her guests, who include top-notch Pakistani celebrities and politicians.

*Gambian President Yahya Jammeh's claim that he can cure AIDS and Asthma in a couple of days with secret medicinal herbs is drawing growing condemnation from health authorities. As reported on the President's official website, five of his first patients now have an "undetectable viral load." Sounds fishy, doesn't it? In an interview with BBC, South African HIV/AIDS specialist, Jerry Coovadia, who heads the HIV research team at the University of KwaZulu Natal and is a member of South Africa's Treatment Action Campaign stated, "I'm astonished. The danger of a president standing up (to say this) is shocking." Wouldn't it be great if it was true? But it smells too much like a lame political campaign that might unfortunately be effective.

*British Prime Minister Tony Blair has told a committee of senior Members of Parliament that Roman Catholic-run adoption agencies can find a way through the row over gay adoption. Speaking to the Commons liaison committee, Mr Blair said he hoped that the religious agencies would form "consortiums" with secular agencies to provide a "gateway" for all potential adoptive parents to access adoption services.

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I'm Crushing Over 'The President'

Hello Reggie! OMG, I currently have the biggest fetish for my black boys! So delis!!! Just came across these pictures of New Orleans Saints rookie, Reggie Bush or The President as he is commonly known, and I'm obsessed. What do you think?

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Smallville Sexed Up

'Smallville might not be working on improving its story line or dialog, but certainly on bringing us a weakly dose of eye candy. I have been very closed to dropping the show from my prime time TV watching, but in the past few weeks the show have done nothing but to give us naked super heroes. Remember the 'Justice League'? Yummy!! Following up with the 'sex sells' theme, in last week episode, 'Crimson', Clark was all about nipple showing. Gotta love red kryptonite! Related: Justice League Part I

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We Luv Justin Chambers' Armpits

The Greek Gods have heard my prayers (and I say Greek because they are supposedly having a comeback, which is pretty cool). As you all know, I am obsessed with Justin Chambers and all I have wanted ever since 'Grey's Anatomy' started is for more of him in the show. Well, in the last episode, 'Wishin and Hopin', the gods gave me more Justin than I could handle.

I have never seen a sexier sick person in my life. In the episode, Chambers' character, Alex, dressed in a wife beater and those fashionable hospital pjs, gives us some of his best flirting moves. What do you think of those armpits? Grrrr!!! And, are those pjs just baggy or is Justin just packing? More Justin HERE.

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Video Trip :: Super Bowl Commercials

All political correctness aside, I personally find these commercials, one of which (left) was shown during the Super Bowl this past Sunday, very funny. However I do understand that taken in context, they are nothing but a lame mockery of gay people. Still, a gay kiss commercial during the Super Bowl is just funny.

*I thought Oprah and Letterman hated each other and that her recent appearance in his show was just a publicity stunt. In this Super Bowl commercial they actually look like they are having fun. Actually, they kind of look good together.
*Coca Cola turns you gay. Fun!!

Watch all of the Super Bowl commercials HERE

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Gai News

*A recent poll by 'The Wall Street Journal' reveals that 55% percent of the 2,337 Americans questioned do not support the current US military policy of barring openly gay people from serving. Only 18% of respondents felt that gay people should not be allowed to be in the Armed Forces at all.

*Last week, James E. McGreevey, the nation's first openly gay governor, filed for divorce from his wife of seven years, Dina Matos McGreevey. Sandra Thaler-Gerber, a spoke woman for the Union County Superior Court in Elizabeth, NJ, confirmed receiving a two-page document from McGreevey's lawyers, in which the New Jersey's ex governor seeks to dissolve his marriage. The ex-governor and his wife have lived apart since November 2004, when McGreevey resigned as New Jersey's governor following a stunning public announcement that he was "a gay American" who had had an affair with a male staffer.

*A lesbian couple registered, what officials called Mexico's first gay civil union on Wednesday in the northern city of Saltillo. The couple, Karina Almaguer and Karla Lopez, traveled to Saltillo from their home state of Tamaulipas to register as a "civil solidarity union" under a newly passed law that made Coahuila the first of Mexico's 31 states to grant recognition to such unions. Yay!! However, Roman Catholic bishop, Alonso Garza of Piedras Negras, said Friday that their union is "a disgrace" and "a show."

* AIDS Project Los Angeles and New York City–based Gay Men's Health Crisis announced the launch of tweakends.org, a website dedicated to helping gay and bisexual men understand crystal meth.

*Homophobic Bullying 'Getting Worse'! According to the Queer Youth Network, a British organization by and for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered youth, high-profile homophobic bullying initiatives are failing to make a significant impact in preventing homophobic bullying in schools.

*This month, Catholic Portugal may decide to break ranks with a small group of countries including Ireland and Poland and legalize abortion, in a referendum which some cast as a deeper test of its readiness for progress. On the face of it, the February 11th vote could resolve the estimated 23,000 abortions that take place in secret each year, which Socialist Prime Minister Jose Socrates has called "Portugal's most shameful wound."

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