Pref Magazine 19 :: Part II

This is one of the several photo spreads you will find in the latest issue of 'Pref Magazine.' Once you get over the model's hot body, notice the painted wall behind him. Isn't it an awesome concept? For more Pref 19 click HERE.

Image Source: Because of the Boys

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Video Trip :: Underwear Ads :: Awesome

Hot men stripping down to their underwear and making you laugh while at it!! Doesn't get any better than this. Love it! My favorite has to be the one in which the guys are looking for the ring. Start trippin'!


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Top Gun :: The Gayness that Lies Beneath

Tony Scott's 1986 film, 'Top Gun,' staring no other than Tom Cruise, might just be the gayest movie ever. Yes, more so than 'Brokeback Mountain,' which might explain why some of us find it so arousing!! Press play and see what I am talking about. Quentin Tarantino is a genius!


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The Gap :: 'Khakis with an Attitude' Are Not Bad!

I will be honest, I hate Gap. The plain and limited looks rapped like a McMeal just don't do it for me. But how can I say no to Wentworth Miller. His magic is doing a damn good job at making me reconsider, at least a little. As you can see, Wentworth is one of the new faces for Gap's Spring campaign "Khakis with Attitude," which features a light look, mood and style. Not bad actually!!! (or is it just Wentworth?)

“Gap’s khakis for spring are effortless. Soft, rumpled and laid-back – they have a whole new lightness and ease,” said Trey Laird, creative director for Gap. “The look is still pulled together, but with a cooler, more carefree vibe that comes alive in our new 'khakis with attitude' campaign.”

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Are we ready for the invasion of Britain’s biggest brand? I am, for a while now!!! Can't wait for our David to get home!! If you are yet to catch up to the Beckhammania, 'Details' magazine breaks it down for you in their latest issue with a pretty awesome article, "Can David Beckham be the Greatest American Hero?" You will be up to speed with what everyone has been talking about!! The article is available online HERE.

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A Brokeback Kiss is the Best Kiss

The customers of British online rental firm, Lovefilm.com, have voted Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger's gay kiss in 'Brokeback Mountain' the best screen kiss ever. I couldn't agree more. It has been the one movie kiss that has shaken me up the most. I felt happy to see the characters reunite with a kiss, sad that they had to do it in hiding, scared that Annis' wife would catch them in the act, angry because the wife didn't deserve being in that situation and the list goes on.

Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh's in 'Gone With The Wind' came on fourth and Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst's in 'Spiderman' came on ninth.

Here is the Brokeback kiss (with subtitles in case you don't understand what's going on, lol).

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Gerard Butler Works it for '300'

The latest issue of 'Men's Health' magazine discloses the secrets behind Gerard Butler's new stunning body, which he sports in the upcoming movie '300.' Gerard tells MH:

"We would do a lot of circuit training using a lot of primitive tools like kettle bells, medicine balls, rings and huge elastic things which attached to the wall. You would have to run and then stop and hold. I also worked with the stunt people in an non-air conditioned warehouse and that was like an oven inside. That was the stuff that really made you sweat. I was pretty much naked and the floor would be soaking wet with our sweat."

"Pretty much naked and...wet", that image will stick in my head forever. Grrr!! '300' is a must watch!


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New Hotties at FantasticsMag

More HOT men, more fashion tips, more cool interviews. I love it!! FantasticsMag has become one of American Urge's favorite blogs. Check it out!

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Brothers and Sisters :: Gay 'Love is Difficult'

Experience a roller coaster of emotions with Brothers and Sisters' last episode, 'Love is Difficult,' in which Chad (Absolute Hunk) and my Kevin try to work things out between them. As you might remember, the boys got into a fight after Kevin admitted sleeping with his ex, Scotty, who has once again disappeared from the show. Awww!

In this episode, Chad realizes that he is in love (awwwww!!) with Kevin and makes a proactive decision to see their relationship flourish. Though Chad's ex-girlfriend warns Kevin that Chad will break his heart being that he is a confused gay want to be straight boy, Kevin takes a gamble and welcomes Chad back in his life. I might just be too big of a fan, but in every scene I was like, "awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how cute, awwwwwwwwwwww!" Especially during the romantic dinner and the gay kiss.

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Image Source: ABC and Ohlala Blog

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Gay It Forward :: Help Out this Young Gay Man

I got an email from one of my readers asking me for information/help on anal intercourse for a first timer. Since I don't have all of the answers, I thought some of you might relate and be able to help this young man.

His email reads (these are excerpts):

"Hi...I'm 22 years old...I'm still in the closet for the most part...I've tried to have anal intercourse but unlike what I've read and heard, it has been extremely painful...I'm currently using a small dildo to make myself used to the experience...have gotten used to having it sit in me but feel no pleasure, rather discomfort, and an awkward pressure in my stomach which I don't like...I am completely healthy so I don't understand what the problem is...What is the deal with the discomfort? Do I just need practice? And the pressure I feel in the stomach whenever the dildo is in me, does it take getting used to it? When does the pleasure comes?...Thanks..."

What do you guys have to say? If you think you can help, please leave a comment.

Thanks for gaying it forward. ;)

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Brad Pitt Does Interview Magazine

Brad Pitt's photoshoot for the March issue of 'Interview' Magazine is a wetdream in the making (I just need to fall asleep!). Pitt looks stunning in every single shot!!

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Pref Magazine 19 :: Sex!!

The new issue of Pref Magazine pops an interesting question, "Is it necessary to reinvent sex?" What do you think? I am personally exploring sex as it is, so not yet ready for a change, lol. On the cover you will find male model Brandon Mills, photographed by NYC based Joe Oppedisano. Hot!

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Image Source: Because of the Boys

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David Goofs Around at Practice

Real Madrid will not be the same once my David Beckham leaves for the Los Angeles Galaxy this summer. I mean, there will not be a hottie to play fight with Roberto Carlos for instance! :( In these pictures taken on Monday, David Beckham goofs around with Roberto during a Real Madrid practice in Madrid, Spain. I already feel nostalgic!

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Evandro Soltati At Fashion Week Milan SS 07

It is quite obvious Brazilian male model Evandro Soldati is hot, but guess what, he is also adorable. In the video you get to see a less put together, much more approachable Evandro, whose Brazilian accent, delicious smile and fun personality will conquer your heart. So cute I just want to bite him!!

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Smallville's Aquaman and Clark :: The True Story

Press play and check out what really goes down in the Smallville's 'Aquaman' episode. Well, at least this is how I see it!!!

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