Visual DNA Test :: Imagini

We all know that a picture paints a thousand words, so what if you could collect a group of images that sum up how you feel and what you like across each area of your life? This is what Imagini helps people do - they call it, 'discovering your visual DNA.' Just select the image that best complete the statement: Start Your Test!
ps. Ideal for procrastination!

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Marco Da Silva :: Gay Times Magazine

Marco Da Silva is the new It boy triple threat. Born in Germany from Portuguese parents, Marco is an actor, choreographer and the backup dancer of choice for many our gay icons, including Mariah Carey and Kylie Minogue.

In the February issue of Gay Times magazine, Marco gives us an uncensored look at ninety percent of his tattoos! Quite awesome! The orgasmic pictures were taken in Sydney, Australia by photographer Haydn Wood. Delicious Saturday night eye candy!
Continue reading: Marco Da Silva for Pedro Virgil.

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Orlando Bloom and the City

The new and improved Orlando Bloom strutted through the streets of NYC on Thursday as if in a catwalk. So hot! Evidently, his new haircut brings out the best in him. I am in love!

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Video Trip: Vibrators, Madonna, Gay Kiss...

Pump up the Base: Ad for OhMiBod, a sleek new generation of vibrators that combines elegance of design with the excitement of your favorite music.

Roles Have Changed: New Meetic ad addressed to women. Totally awesome!

Mad TV: Straight guys learning to be gay over a football game. Source: Kenneth in the 212

Shake Your Money Maker: Madonna's new H&M ad. It has 'Clockwork Orange' written all over it.

More videos HERE.

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GUESS Spring/Summer 2007

Guess what? Beach season is just around the corner and GUESS brings you a chic look to go with it! Guess' S/S 07 ad campaign, shot by photographer Yu Tsai, couldn't be any sassier and all thanks to steamy American model Caleb Lane and Spanish model Jon Kortajarena. The boys might have just convinced me to go Guess for the summer!

Source :: Calikartel

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Janice Dickinson :: You're Fired II

Janice did it again!! Just when we thought she could not top her 'You're Fired' episode, she pulls some new tricks out of her sleeve and returns with a part II that is ten times hotter! Lots of naked models, Janice gets fired, and the boys talk sex! Yummy!

After AussieBum fires Janice and the agency from their campaign, Janice makes a quick recovery using her industry contacts, and before you can say boxer briefs, the boys are flown to peaceful Catalina Island for a whole new shoot with 2Xist! The male models all stay in a house, sort of Real World style, where they drink, party, strip and talk about girls. Good times!!

Previously: Janice Joins Forces with Aussiebum.
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Image Source :: All About Strength

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Gerard Butler :: Men's Health :: Part II

Gerard Butler, of whom we wrote about a few days ago, to Men's Health magazine:

"You know that every bead of sweat falling off your head, every weight you've pumped -- the history of that is all in your eyes," says Butler of his dedication. "That was a great thing, to put on that cape and put on that helmet, and not have to think, Shit, I should have trained more. Instead, I was standing there feeling like a lion."

Read Gerard's MH interview HERE.
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Cristiano Ronaldo Topless

Cristiano Ronaldo's eye popping body might just give me a fever. Is it hot in here or is it just me? While in a recent game between Manchester United and Liverpool, Ronaldo pulled his usual McConaughey letting us appreciate his sunkissed tan and those sexy sex lines!

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Leandro Okabe :: The Boy, 'Making Of' Video

If you thought Leandro Okabe's pictures for Terra's 'The Boy' were hot, you are gonna love this 'making of' video. Press play and see Okabe in action. For more of his pictures, go HERE.

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Eric Bana :: Look into His Eyes

You've seen him in Black Hawk Down, Hulk, Troy and Munich and you are in love with him!! At least I am. The sexy Australian actor Eric Bana might as well be a Geisha cause he makes me orgasm with just a stare! Rocking a look that might force you to lick your screen, Bana gets down and personal in the April issue of Elle magazine. Love him!!

On his acting technique: "If my character has to feel something, I pretty much want to feel it. I want to feel like I'm killing someone. I want to feel the guilt someone feels after he's stabbed someone or shot someone. I want to feel the fear of pointing a gun at someone, because it's just bloody interesting. Otherwise it just feels fake."

On 'banatics,' his female fans: "I don't know what ages they are; it's probably better if I didn't."

Source :: Popbytes

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Ricky Martin Half Naked :: Speedo Alert

What is there not to like about Ricky Martin in a speedo??!!! The damn ugly speedo! But can't complaint about the rest. Yoga sure makes a difference! By the way, I am totally down for having Ricky replace the Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro!

More Genetic Freaks!!

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Video Trip :: Too Hot and Funny for Words!

Hand Job: Scene from the film "Race You to the Bottom" in which Justin Hartley - the Green Arrow from "Smallville" - gets a hand job. Totally Hot!

David Inspires: David Beckham talks about some of the challenges he has faced in his career during the filming of his new 'Impossible is Nothing' ad for Adidas. My McDreamy! (Via Towleroad)

A Kiss Among Giants: Male porn stars Francesco D'Macho and Francois Sagat kiss while hanging in Barcelona. I want to kiss too!!!

Money Maker: Madonna for ARIAKE.

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Spider-Man III Exclusive Preview

This eight minutes Spider-Man III exclusive video just makes the wait for the movie premier a lot harder. Such a teaser! As you can see, the action is stunning and the graphics mouthwatering! I guess the clip accomplishes its purpose, getting us hyped-up sick about May 4th!

In case you are out of the loop, in part III, a strange black entity from another world bonds with Peter Parker and causes inner turmoil as he contends with new villains, temptations, and revenge. Hot!!!

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Hayden Christensen Does TORO Magazine

He made his name as the young Darth Vader, but for Hayden Christensen this year launches his career on a whole new level. The young Canadian already finds himself sporting Bob Dylan’s hat and is soon to land in the arms of sexy starlet Jessica Alba, surround himself by virgins and be able to travel around the world in a split second. With such a fantastic future, how will he keep it real?

Here are some quotes from his interview:
"It was refreshing to have the freedom to make choices, play with my voice, and wear hats and glasses. They’re usually like, ‘But we can’t see your eyes.’"

"After 'Star Wars' came out, I was offered a lot of bland characters. It’s just tough for people to allow you to do something that they’re not used to you doing."

"The romance in Awake plays an integral role as far as setting up everything that is about to fall apart, and so, everyone, when we were filming, understood its importance and so we gave it its due attention. And, you know . . . Jessica was very good at—” he pauses, “beckoning a romantic response out of me."

Jessica Alba on Hayden: "He’s so warm and loving and sweet. And not an egomaniac or egotistical or anything like that . . . there are a lot of actors out there – they like to be famous and they like to feel like movie stars and all that, and it doesn’t seem like that’s what Hayden’s goal is."

Read Hayden's interview HERE.
Download TORO magazine for free HERE.

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Horizon Magazine :: Joe Oppedisano

In their latest issue, Spanish lifestyle magazine 'Horizon' gives us a look inside the life of famous New York photographer Joe Oppedisano. The magazine trips through the most memorable experiences lived by the artist and allows us to better understand his position on homosexuality, religion and his work. You will also find some of Joe's hottest pictures and as we all know, he never disappoints! Get your free copy HERE!

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Condom Applicators Are a Beautiful Thing

Sex on!!! The Pronto brand condom applicator has been named South Africa's 'Most Beautiful Object.' Dutch designer Jurgen Bey selected the applicator, which is designed to help AIDS prevention, out of the top products at the Design Indabe Expo in Cape Town. Invented by Willem van Rensburg and designed by industrial designer Roelf Mulder of South Africa’s XYZ Design, the applicator allows a condom to be put on easily and rapidly, therefore leaving people with little or no excuse to not wear one. Yay to safe sex!!

Source :: Dezeen

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Milo Ventimiglia is a Fly Guy and a Player

Milo Ventimiglia, the sexy 29-year-old co-star in the hit show Heroes and Rocky's son in the recently released film Rocky Balboa, is not your typical Hollywood type. His big dream is not to create a frenzy of media attention or be smothered with public adulation, but to be recognized as a hard-working guy with integrity. Or so he says!

On what attracted him to Heroes:
Well that's the thing though. It was called Heroes, not Superheroes. Tim King had written this wonderful piece about human beings going through a change that was affecting their lives; being presented with abilities that were fearful and exhilarating. It's like, what would you do if you had the opportunity to fly or the ability to fly? Or if you could read people's thoughts? You could use it for good or you could use it for bad. So he had written this fantastic character study, the foundation of which is just the human element, the human perspective of what would you do? You have a very real world and then you have these unrealistic happenings that make it special.

On getting the gig for Rocky Balboa?

I was living in New York when I first heard about the new Rocky film. I had a meeting with a casting agent and just went in and read on tape. A week later I'm in the room with Sylvester. And you walk in and he's got that deep voice and he shakes your hand and his hand just wraps all the way around your hand. And literally, you are just like, holy shit, this is Sylvester Stallone? Mega star, mega star. So we're sitting in the room with him, the casting directors are there and I apologize that I'm not clean-shaven because I'm doing re-shoots on a film. Sly says, “It's not biblical, is it?” And I'm like, “No, no, it's not.” And we shared a laugh. And he leans over to the casting director and says, “His lip even hooks down like mine does” and I'm like, “Was that acceptance?”

Read his interview HERE.

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Christian Bale Does GQ Magazine

Whether they’re hacking up prostitutes or saving Gotham, Christian Bale’s characters always seem most comfortable in isolation. But as we can tell from his GQ interview, Bale, on top of being one of the great working actors, is a pretty well-adjusted guy.
Read his interview HERE.

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