Andrew Christian :: The It Product

Andrew Christian underwear are popping up all over. The latest find are on the popular adult gay site RandyBlue.com's models. In their latest shoot, the pant-stainingly sexy and raunchy boys show off their hot bods in fun Andrew Christian gear. Steamy!

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M Mensuel :: The New Boy in Town

Early this week French newsstands welcomed M Mensuel, a new monthly French gay magazine that proclaims to be the next-generation of its kind. Regardless of how true this statement might be, male model Evan Wade, who is the cover boy for the magazine's first issue, is enough incentive for me to get a copy.

Besides Evan's photo spread by photographer Youg Jade, you will also find a breakdown of the worlds hottest men. Though I agree with most of their selection, why in the world is Chris Evans number 1? Take a look at their website (still under construction).

Image Source :: Gay Click and A Cause Des Garcons

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JDMA's Finale

In part 2 of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency's season 2 finale, after an evening of pre-shoot pampering, the girls aren't too happy to find a pole in their hotel room, but the male models arrive just in time to show them how to use it and have fun with it. Orgasmic!! The boys - and I have to give extra points to TJ and Sorin - brought the house down with their moves.

I actually have a new found appreciation for TJ, who I always thought was too pretty (girly looking), but who makes up for it with his ubersexuality, yummy!!! TJ was also my favorite at the 2Xist photo shoot where the boys gave us a inside look at their ass...ets and I mean this literally. The JDMA isn't looking for action anymore as season 2 winds down, it's found it. Continue reading: Tons of pictures after the jump.

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Image Source

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Van Hansis Nominated for His Gay Role

Congrats to Van Hansis, who was just nominated for a daytime Emmy for Younger Actor in a Drama Series for his portrayal of gay teen Luke Snyder on As the World Turns. Below you will find a compilation of Luke Snyder's coming out scenes from the daytime series. Not bad for a soap opera. (Via Towleroad).

Continue Reading! One more video after the jump.

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The Heart of Andrew Christian

Falcon Entertainment's exclusive porn star, Roman Heart, is the new face for the upcoming Andrew Christian Swimwear catalog. Can't wait for the package! By the way, start waiting in line cause those will run out in a sec.

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Video Trip :: Coming Out, Soft Porn...

Gay Idol: Simon urges Ryan Seacrest to come out of the closet.

Ellen comes out: In honor to my decision to come out to my dad, my blogger friend Wickedscorp shared this video with us. If I only had a microphone!!

Orgasmic: Homoerotic drawings are sometimes much more stimulating than the real thing!!! (Via Fantasies of a Virgin)

Gladiator Hottie: Rodrigo Santoro speaks about his role in '300.' Such a sexy accent! (Via Torgen am Morgen)

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Just too Funny!

Thanks Pete.

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Jogging with Mario Lopez

'Dancing with the Stars' alum Mario Lopez sure knows how to keep in shape and how to keep his fans satisfied. His lovely eight pack complemented by the sunkiss tan makes for a perfect 10. Grrr!!

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Andrew Christian :: Totally Hot

Los Angeles based clothing line 'Andrew Christian' is gearing up for a big summer in 2007. Its urban inspired contemporary collection, which features underwear, swimwear, edgy tees, woven bottoms and accessories, is a must!

These videos give you an inside look at Andrew Christian's latest ads, models and collection. HOT!!! Continue Reading...

Start trippin' with Andrew Christian.

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Ginch Gonch's New Boys

Porn actor Benjamin Bradley and bratboyschool.com founder Ethan Reynolds, who are a couple in real life, are the new Ginch Gonch Boys. How hot is that?!!! As the new Ginch Gonch underwear ambassadors, the studs are traveling all around the United States doing in-stores and other events for a brief greeting.

Benjamin and Ethan might be coming your way, so check out their event calendar, and while at it, download their wallpapers HERE.

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Ronaldinho a Genetic Freak??

The world knows Ronaldinho as the best soccer player in the universe, as FC Barcelona's dream boy and even as 'Horse' face, but definitely not as a soccer hottie. However, it comes as a surprise to us that aside from his heavenly soccer skills, Ronaldinho possesses a jaw dropping body. Who would have known?!!! And the best part is that he is not afraid to showcase it! Continue Reading!!!

Source :: Casual in Istanbul

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European Diving Cup 2007

The European Diving Cup took place over at Stockholm last month and as you can tell by the pictures, it was the sausage fest to be at. I would love me a European diver, especially if he looks like the guy immediately above!!! I'm starting to realize that diving competitions are a must. Continue Reading.

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'Dare' :: Boys Life 5

'Dare' is a short romantic piece by Adam Salky and David Brind that drips in homoerotic energy. It is part of the fifth installment of the 'Boys Life' series, which collects LGBT-related short films. It reminds me so much of my own experience in school...

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BabyBoy Magazine #31 Xtremely Hot

Our new monthly visual lesson on French anatomy is finally available, so waste no time and start trippin' with BabyBoy's latest issue.

Besides the hot photo shoots, BabyBoy #31 brings you the latest on Chris Brown, Lord Kossity, and Britney Spears. Also interviews with Rachid Taha, Bebel Gilberto, Tony Parker, Gerald Nanty, and Galia and a very interesting article on gay Jews. Continue Reading!

Download your free copy HERE!

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Video Trip: iRack, Gay Sex, Men Fighting...

I wish: Casual chat on gay sex between two straight/gay/curious men. (Quality is a little shaky at the beginning.)

iRack: Steve Jobs unveils his new products, iRack and iRan.

Half naked men fighting: A brutal kick ass battle scene from the movie '300'!

Zeroes: New Heroes have been discovered. Check out their supper powers!

More videos HERE.

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The BULGE Project

Say hello to BULGE, the new underwear brand in town. Bulge is a gallery project initiated by a couple of Berlin based artists.
Each of their package consists of a high quality lamda print framed in fine wood and a 100% cotton underwear, which comes in 4 different designs inspired by east german patterns from the fifties. Pretty cool! Visit BULGE for more information.

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Lacoste :: Spring/Summer 07

Lacoste has done it again! For their Spring Summer 2007 ad campaign, Lacoste has stuck with their never changing zen concept, the jumping models and Mathias Lauridsed . It all looked very pretty the first time, but I'm through with it now. It is time for change. I would suggest a new advertising team!

Source :: A Cause des Garcons

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