Maroon 5 :: 'Makes Me Wonder'

Somehow Adam Levine and the rest of Maroon 5 have managed to return to the music scene looking and sounding even yummier than before. And I thought 'Songs About Jane' was going to be it for them. In their new video, 'Makes Me Wonder,' off of 'It Won't Be Soon Before Long,' the boys take metro-sexiness to a brand new level. The new album is due May 22.

Below, some of our favorite Maroon 5 videos from their freshman album, 'Songs about Jane':

'She Will be Loved'
'This Love'

'Sunday Morning
'Harder to Breath'

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Gerard Butler Naked in '300'

Though he is a huge air head (impression I've gotten from every single one of his interviews), Gerard Butler is still an incredibly hot piece of ass. I only wish he would shut up and pose. As these captions from the movie '300' show, Butler's intensive pre movie workout payed off big time. We can see every single muscle in his body, not to mention his hard, muscular, I want to bite it right now, ass.

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"In 300, we follow Gerard Butler in the role of Leonidas, a Spartan who gathered 300 of his hottest warriors to stand up against an evil empire (without realizing that they, Spartans, were just as evil, but that's another story).

The movie is a nice technical achievement, I liked the grainy images, excellent photography, and I loved the costumes (or lack thereof)." Read the continuation of the break down over at Queer Beacon.

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Mr. World 2007 Pre Show Competitions

For the past two weeks, Mr. World 2007 candidates have participated in pre-show competitions in which they have had to prove their strength, perseverance, mental agility and determination. While at it, they've given us major eye candy and we love them for it!! Yum!

Immediate above we have Mr Brazil looking a little too cozy with the new Mr. Egypt. By their facial expression we can totally tell that the piggyback ride have totally bonded them. They look so dreamy together that I can already picture them in a gay movie. (Thanks Saad for the pic).

Above, Mr Malta, one of my personal favorites, was a semi-finalist at the cocktail competition. In my book, he should have won. lol.

On March 22, Mr Chile, a recent favorite, celebrated his birthday with some of his closest friends in the competition. "Chile is a great guy and he likes a good joke. We will take care of him this evening, making sure he has the best time ever," said Mr. Mexico. Whatever that means. (Check out Mr. Chile's steamy calendar HERE)

Tons of pictures after the jump!!!!!!!

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Jonny McGovern - 'Something for the Fellas'

Video premiere: Here's the new steamy-boy-filled video, 'Something for the Fellas,' from Jonny McGovern, which premiers on LOGO April 1st in a much-censored form. This is the uncensored version a few days in advance. Enjoy!

Thanks Des Erence.

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'Eleven Men Out' Coming This Summer

This summer, aside from the gay themed movie 'The Raven,' also expect in a theater near you the Icelandic soccer dramedy 'Eleven Men Out,' a film by Robert Douglas brought to you by here! Films. The movie is a timely social satire that illustrates the struggle gay men and women in professional sports and beyond face while trying to stay true to their identity. Continue reading!

Written by Jon Atli Jonasson and Douglas, 'Eleven Men Out' centers on Ottar Thor, the star of KR, the Icelandic soccer team. After he surprisingly comes out of the closet to a reporter in front of his teammates, the controversy surrounding his coming out leads him on a journey to discovery himself, and a journey off the KR team. He soon joins an amateur team made up of other gay men trying to play in a straight world. In the ultimate culmination of hard work and heartache, the KR team and the amateur squad wind up battling it out on the field during Gay Pride Day.

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Personal Best :: Camilla Akrans

'Personal Best,' title of one of NY Times magazine's latest editorials by photographer Camila Akrans, encourages you to set the bar high in classic 30s-inspired sportswear. Now let the game begin! Beautiful!!

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