UpStreet Magazine :: All in White

The last edition, issue numbert 63, of British internatinonal urban male magazine, Up Street, carries a stunning editorial by photographer Lionel Guyou, entitled "All in White." The title self explains the fashion and style choices made for this shoot by Brigitte Mahrt.

Male models, Charles Walrant (immediately above) and Pablo Albertos (top image), both from New Madison fashion agency, shine wearing mainly white. More images after the jump.

Source :: A Cause des Garcons

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Fashion 156 :: Webzine

Fashion 156 is the latest fashion online magazine to pop up in our radar. Under the idea that "in fashion even a week is too long to wait," the London based webzine, which presents style in an exciting, innovative and thought provoking way, updates its content every twelve days. Talking about being ahead of time!!!!

In the current edition, male models Zane Holtz and John Groom, photographed by Carlos Lumiere, showcase a series of must have men under, including selections from Aussie Bum, CK, DT, Boss and Cavalli. A couple more pictures after the jump.

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Cinemania :: Spider-Man 3

The world loves Spidey as much as I do. Tobey and his black suit have made it on yet another magazine cover and this time in español. The latest issue of Mexican magazine, Cinemania, dedicates 15 pages to the new characters and story line. Spider-Man 3 hits theaters on May 4, but if you can't wait that long, watch THIS 8 minute preview. It's hot!!

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America's Heroes Calendar 2007

Get your hands all over some of America's hottest and bravest Heroes. The 'America's Heroes' calendar is packed with the ultimate Marines eye candy. It is such a turn on!!!

Regardless of partisan or political views, people are recognizing the need to aid our service men and women who endure great sacrifice to protect our freedom. 100% of the proceeds from the calendar are contributed to our 22,000+ wounded service men, women, and their families. Get your hard copy HERE. See all of the pictures in the calendar after the jump.

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Video Trip v. 04 // 06 // 07

Pepsi commercial: This ad, Pepsi Foot 'Shuffle,' is pretty awesome. It brings together some of out idols, including David Beckham and Ronaldinho.

Brotherly Love: MTV's 'If your are high make sure you don't drive' campaign. (Source :: Advertising Pawn)

Durex Recrute: If you are capable of this type of push ups, you better get the job.

Diogo Provin: Twenty three years old Brazilian model, Diogo Provin, is the latest pretty face at Terra's The Boy. Here is the 'making of' video. Diogo's pictures HERE.

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In Touch :: The Hottest Guys Named Matt

(Click on the picture to enlarge)
According to 'In Touch' magazine, these are the top 10 hottest guys named Matt. I agree with all of the guys on the list, but deeply believe Ryan Phillippe, whose birth name is Matthew, should have landed second place. He is a lot hotter than Matthew Fox.

Image Source

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Lovin' Johnny Hazzard's Rufskin

Porn stars are the new black or just the way to go when it comes to underwear ads! In the past few months, more than one underwear/clothing line has opted for the raw porn stars over the pretty male models. For instance, among Ginch Gonch new faces is porn actor Benjamin Bradley while Andrew Christian's is Roman Heart.

Rufskin has also joined the porn star mania with the addition of Johnny Hazzard to their latest campaign. It doesn't get any hotter.

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Love and Other Disasters

Written and directed by Alek Keshishian, 'Love and Other Disasters' is a romantic comedy in which an assistant at British Vogue, played by Brittany Murphy, serves as the catalyst for a group of young friends, including 'Heroes' star Santiago Cabrera and 'Brothers and Sisters' hottie Matthew Rhys, in their quest for love. Orlando Bloom and Gwyneth Paltro make brief appearances. The movie opens April 25 in France (yeah, you might have to buy a plane ticket to watch it).

For more Matthew Rhys: Valentine's Day Massacre :: Kevin and Chad at it again :: A Gay Jason Lewis :: Brothers and Sisters

Source: Gay Click

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Plastic is Hot :: Numero Homme #13

One more fashion editorial from the latest issue of Numero Homme magazine. Loving the black model. He is like the male version of Naomi Campbell. (For more on Numero Homme visit Red Hot Tyson and Camilla Akrans' Performance)

Image source

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Numero Homme Magazine :: Issue #13

Along with Camila Akrans's 'Performance,' the new issue of Numero-Homme magazine brings us a Liz Collins' editorial of supper hottie Tyson. I'm melting away! More pictures after the jump.

Image Source

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Camilla Akrans :: Performance

I am deeply fascinated by the simplicity and almost unintentional symmetry found in Camilla Akrans' photography. Her work, as we previously saw with 'Personal Best,' is plain beautiful. In this new editorial, found in the new issue of Numero Homme magazine, you can't avoid being blown away once again. A couple more images HERE.

Image source :: Newdenapolis

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VF's 'Green Issue' :: Leonardo Dicaprio

Vanity Fair's second annual 'Green Issue' pairs up two giant environmentalists, actor Leonardo DiCaprio and the latest it boy in town, the cutie patootie Knut, a three and a half month polar bear born in captivity at the Berlin Zoo.

It only seemed natural to pair these two handsome boys on Annie Leibovitz's cover for this year's Green Issue. In these behind-the-scenes images, Leibovitz and V.F. senior photography producer Kathryn MacLeod capture Knut at home in Berlin, and DiCaprio at the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, in southeast Iceland. They are brought together through the magic of photomontage.

Meanwhile, the Bush administration hems and haws over adding polar bears to the endangered-species list.

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Source: Towleroad

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Video Trip v. 04 // 03 // 07

Fergie?: Believe it or not, this is Alanis Morissette singing "My Humps" and it sounds awesome. Love it!!!

Boys Beware, a pathetic ad: a 50's anti homosexual propaganda film. I guess we have come a long way after all.

The Simpsons' cool intro: The evolution of Holmer.

Love this ad (in Portuguese): Entitled 'In A Man's Life Two Things Can Happen' the video breaks down men' life circle.

More videos HERE.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Works It!

'Zodiac' star, Jake Gyllenhaal, who will be back in theaters this November with his new movie 'Rendition' alongside girlfriend Reese Witherspoon, is seeing jogging in the streets of Los Angeles late last month. Jake sure knows how to keep in shape! The boy has built quite an impressive upper body.

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