Envy Man Magazine :: Jonathon Trent

Envy Man, the "higher learning magazine for today's global male," brings us some really cool editorials in their latest issue, #9. At the forth front is cover boy Jonathon Trent, an actor with the same dream as every up-and-coming actor in Hollywood, “This may sound silly, but I would like for my career to mirror Johnny Depp’s. I sort of look at him as a guiding light in my life.” Isn't he cute?

As part of the content you will also find 'Briefly Thinking,' a fashion spread by photographer Nick Celetsos, in which male models Benjamin Bilic and Alin gives us their best poses. More images after the jump.

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M Mensuel :: Sex on Campus :: Hot Tyler

M Mensuel, the new French self entitled "gay magazine 2.0," has its second edition already available for your enjoyment. Californian heart stopping student, Tyler, is this month's cover boy, who appears under an editorial by NYC photographer Adam Raphael entitled, "Sex invades college campuses." If I could only make him drop the towel!!!

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Image Source :: A Cause des Garcons

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Passport Magazine April 07 Hottie Overload

The upcoming issue of Passport magazine, one of the top gay travel guides, features the work of Cuban-New York City based photographer Ezequiel De la Rosa, who you can be assured knows what's hot.

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Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2007/2008 Ad

In the new Dolce and Gabbana Fall 07/08 ad, photographer Steven Klein brings us a steaming threesome, male models Adam Senn, Leandro Maeder and Chad White, who is upside down inside the rotating object. I like!!

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Image Source :: Ohlala

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Ski Instructor Calendar '07: Hot in the Cold

The stunning views of the Arlberg region in Austria, including the famous mountains Omeshorn, Rüfikopf and Kriegerhorn, are the background for the images found in the Ski Instructor Calendar 2007. The spotlight, however, is on the heroes of the slopes; 12 ski-instructors from around the world posing for this semi-erotic calendar.

The shooting took place on the top of the mountains above an altitude of 2000 meters. I wonder what the effect of the cold and altitude was on their manlyhood.

Interested in other calendars? Go HERE!

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Brothers and Sisters: Chad + Kevin no More

ABC's 'Brothers and Sisters' finally brought an end to the dullest gay couple in television. Unlike what I was expecting from Chad and Kevin as boyfriends - you know, sexual escapades, crazy paparazzi pursues after the gay couple and more drama from Chad's fake girlfriend - the couple would never, ever leave their bedroom, where they would have insignificant discussions about their relationship. Would it had not been for all of the half second gay kisses and Kevin's super hot little brother, I would have totally giving up on them a long time ago.

In 'Three Parties,' Chad comes to terms with his sexuality and comes out of the closet via a letter he posts on his website. Kevin, Mr. commitment-phobic, feeling that his relationship with Chad is getting too serious, shows little support to his boyfriend and questions whether they should continue their relationship or not. As a result, Chad and Kevin reach an impasse and Chad breaks it up...but not before giving us some farewell kisses. Lots more pictures in the second part of the post.

Chad will definitely be missed (well, just a little), but I guess that he still has a lot to learn about himself. And Kevin, I just can't wait to see him get sentimentally involved with the senator's brother. Continue reading.

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Image Source :: Superherofan

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OK! :: Hottest Celebs Over 40

(Click on the image to enlarge)
The latest issue of OK! magazine brings us some of the hottest male celebrities over forty:

"Sure, a young, fresh-faced movie dude is all well and good, but what about those gorgeous guys with a little wear around the eyes and a touch of gray in the hair?"

Can you guess who were the top three? Find out HERE!

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Source :: Sammie323's Effluvia

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The Boy :: Leandro Ghidini :: So HOT

Though his innocent-baby-boyish looks might deceive you, the new Terra's 'The Boy,' Leandro Ghidini, is far from the stereotypical country boy from Porto Ferreira, Brazil. As proven by this editorial, the 21 years old is an uninhibited sex machine in front of the camera.

Leandro's photo shoot took place at a beach just outside of Sao Paulo, where he obviously felt inspired to bring us that back flip picture (below), which I can't stop staring at. God damn, even my body hair is hard!!!

Today, Leandro lives in Sao Paulo city, where he pursues a modeling and acting career. Just a few months ago the stud left his native Porto Ferreira after being discovered on an internet site (Orkut?), by a modeling agent. He obviously got the goods since he already participated in the Winter edition of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Unfortunately, Leandro is straight and taken. He has been with his girl for two years now and from the sound of it, their relationship is going strong. Tons of pictures on the second part of the post. HOT!

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Image Source :: Cisoto Fotos

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